★ MW3 – 100-0 With Assault MOAB Amazing Flawless Gameplay! Ft. Groupbrett2


★ MW3 – 100-0 With Assault MOAB Amazing Flawless Gameplay! Ft. Groupbrett2

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


22 Comments For This Post

  1. mosesforever123 Says:

    message me the elite clan name…my gamertag is MOSESxSLAYER147

  2. Jason SupaSwag Says:

    if u want 2 be part of my xbox 360 clan put ur clan tag as CFG (Ca$h Flow Goonz) and msg me the elite clan name is Swaggaria thx and have a nice day

  3. HmongBoi212 Says:

    HOLY SH*T that guy is good!!

  4. Yahzair Robinson Says:

    that was the best games i have ever seen

  5. TheCamping101 Says:

    dude, if your name is archibald, you must be adopted…

  6. 057565084 Says:

    add me on playstation please  archibald109

  7. RestrictedVideoGames Says:

    NICE my cousin got 100-1 lol u beat him buy no deaths

  8. Tanvir Ahmmed Says:


  9. vSharingan Says:

    No, theater mode lag. Happens to every game recorded by theater mode.

  10. HybridFino Says:

    1:34 aimbot?!

  11. SomeC0dPlayer Says:

    color blind assist…

  12. igorexterminator Says:

    i will join ur clan however i am a badass at mw3

  13. MrShambalaya Says:

    This is way too over edited. the map and guns looked faded as hell, but the mini map and text look really vibrant.

  14. thtshowitdone Says:

    Hey guys anyone with ps3 that want to join a clan keep reading you guys can join my clan no matter how good/bad you are the clan name is TOTALRECK

  15. kevin andrew Says:

    holy shit u r now my cod idol

  16. dirtystaken Says:

    i deff would have caught him while he was using his reaper….

  17. Tankecuapapo Says:

    If i was in this lobby i would very easily catch this wanker without a problem killing his streak. Other than that great video.

  18. evilgamekillinmonkey Says:


  19. 057565084 Says:

    can you add me on ps3 please_archibald109-

  20. Mike duce Says:

    I really got a $250 game stop card! head over to MONSTERSNAG.COMits under freebies! enjoy!

  21. WorldSTFU Says:

    you blow

  22. kuvsqu Says:

    What’s his sensitivity on

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