★ MW3 – Spec Ops First Impressions ft. Galucia – WAY➚


★ MW3 – Spec Ops First Impressions ft. Galucia – WAY➚

Sun, Nov 13, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Hey TGN Peeps Galucia here proud and happy to be bringing you my first MW3 video. I’m going to be hitting Spec Ops hard the next few days. I love this game mode, super fun. Be sure to check ot my other videos at: www.youtube.com =-=-=-= ★ What is WAY➚? tgn.tv ★ TGN servers live on the OneWire Cloud! tgn.tv ★ How do I get more views on YouTube? tgn.tv TGN shares how they exploded from 0-10 million views in 5 months!


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  1. PlayingCODRightNow Says:

    Ahhh… MP5?
    NO FREAKIN’ Bullets!

  2. mizzery2u Says:

    9:51 the time is 133.7 >.>

  3. EBSSniping Says:


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    -Ebs Scrubzz

  4. ExudeDubstep Says:

    I got another acheesement :D

  5. hotfastROBLOX Says:

    Pick up the damn mp5

  6. vindicari Says:

    you ever tried sex? beleive me it’s better than this.

  7. hotfastROBLOX Says:

    6:09 – WHUT DUR FUU!?

  8. MichaelDeery1 Says:

    @benrlamb lol

  9. gi7777 Says:

    Price kills Makarov.

  10. GLGAMERS Says:


  11. HDxGaming4Life Says:

    Peter and Simon want people to see there videos. Please take 3 min and go see some videos on HDxGaming4Life, that will be greatly appreciated. Also please thumbs up on this comment so people can see it! Thanks —– HDxGaming4Life

  12. MyMouthSmellsLikeDog Says:

    the best thing on mw3 is hitmarker in singleplayer now you know whether your flashbangs hit or not and it is easier to know if an enemy is dead cause there is the exp sign like in multiplayer and you can play a juggernaut :)

  13. MRjackwills1 Says:

    ha lmao

  14. dragonwar729 Says:

    3:39 4:00 4:47 or 4:37

  15. dragonwar729 Says:

    and 2:40

  16. dragonwar729 Says:

    2:14 lool

  17. ipodazzer Says:

    OMG your so funny

  18. Guacamole1000 Says:

    watch this for a sick COD montage:
    you wont be disappointed :)

  19. hughhines12 Says:

    dude u r awesome

  20. 940brycedaniels940 Says:

    hosting lobbies, yeah buddy!! PM me, accecpting runescape accounts only!

  21. benrlamb Says:

    @MichaelDeery1 … that makes no scince she is a girl

  22. Borderlands808 Says:

    Mw3 are the goodest game ever cause I can shut a gunn

  23. PmillyCollinator Says:

    haha noob

  24. oOMercedesOo Says:

    oh damn…u said u play killing Floor :O i got that game too. whats ur steam name?

  25. MW3ModzMW3 Says:

    Hey Guys I’ll be posting MW3 mods throughout today! Just waiting for the links to upload. Sub to stay posted!!!

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