26 kill streak on Call of Duty 4 with multiple weapons


26 kill streak on Call of Duty 4 with multiple weapons

Sun, Jan 9, 2011

Call of Duty 4

No chopper gunner needed song is “Untitled Dub” by deBaser: youtube.com


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  1. hmng2piano Says:

    ur better then other, like other they got like 30 killstreak cuz they camp to much, but me i can killstreak without having to camp

  2. codblackopkirby Says:

    hey blametruth should i re buy cod4
    i had it but sold it for mw2 and then i sold mw2 for black op

  3. kestlerlikespie Says:

    I got a 26 killstreak with M40 on HCHQ a few days ago. And tons of 20+.

  4. scjruiz Says:

    congrats you win a cookie

  5. Ryxify Says:

    @iMmOrTaLcOiLz2 The ennemy was a dickhead ?

  6. aloprimo Says:

    well played!
    I thought it would be some bonus after that!

  7. bridgesfamilyof4 Says:

    3:50 Other Team: “Three Grenades!? that didn’t kill him?! Fuck you!”

  8. iMmOrTaLcOiLz2 Says:

    3:33 can someone PLEASE explain how that was a headshot? Looked more like it was in the balls.

  9. Glasid4131 Says:

    @iMmOrTaLcOiLz2 ppl not getting the comment (Y)

  10. iMmOrTaLcOiLz2 Says:

    @Glasid4131 M9 silencer glitch is only MW2 IIRC….

  11. Carlos18435 Says:

    Good times with this game

  12. blink182rob88 Says:

    tactical knife incoming!

  13. ManglerMixtape Says:

    1000 lol topped iit fukk yyu mean

  14. jtbulldog1 Says:

    haha i got a 999 kill streak, top that? didnt think so

  15. scjruiz Says:

    why the music

  16. italianstalion04 Says:

    damn this was and always will be the best call of duty

  17. vivre909 Says:

    Your Gamertag was “iiTz iiTz iiTz”?

  18. Richardlancecorton Says:

    I have call of duty 4 i like this game even in adventures

  19. TheJonathanhockey Says:

    4:07 a whiteboy fanboy was in this match

  20. HolyIsometric Says:


  21. DiasH95 Says:

    0:50 +2 XD

  22. RaBHD Says:

    2.04, twitched a little early ;) knew he was ccoming………….

  23. AncientAkantor56 Says:

    R u playin on da ps3 or da x box 360?

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