Amazon out of stock on mw3 hardened edition for ps3?


Amazon out of stock on mw3 hardened edition for ps3?

Fri, Nov 11, 2011

Modern Warfare 3


Question by Dan: Amazon out of stock on mw3 hardened edition for ps3?
I want to pre order it but it says sign up to be notified when this is available..I want the .99 cent release day delivery, and am wondering do you think they will restock before november 8? THIS is for ps3.

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Answer by Ncku Cheng
Yes sometimes they will but not all the time but i am pretty sure they will restock just wait a week

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  1. The Outlaw Says:

    They might. But the guy at GameStop said that they are only making a certain amount of The hardened edition and once they’re gone, they’re gone. GameStop is sold out of the hardened edition for ps3 too. Luckily I managed to grab one on amazon before they ran out. But they might restock, I don’t know….

  2. Walker L Says:

    Why are you asking here??

    Go to Amazon twitter or email their support. I’ve seen MW3 sell out several times but they often restock. Just wait.

    According to Infinity Ward, Hardened is a limited edition and there is only a fixed amount of copies made, so a lot less to go around. There will be over 6 million sold by November 8th if MW3 sells as good as Black Ops.

  3. Message Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 sees the return of the much loved spec ops mode. These mini games and challenges are highly addictive and push the Call of Duty gaming style to its adrenalin filled limit. We were lucky to get a play through survival mode, which is not unlike Gears of War 3′s horde mode. Essentially you are tasked with defeating wave after wave of enemies, including juggernauts and yes…dogs. Not easy but incredibly rewarding.

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