[ANALYSIS] Call of Duty: Black Ops


[ANALYSIS] Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sun, May 2, 2010


Analysis of Call of Duty : Black Ops, hope you enjoy.


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  1. Emmo2Gee Says:

    @MrLukeEsson I love you

  2. TheCoD4Noobs Says:

    @QuickishScopes i couldnt agree more

  3. MrLukeEsson Says:

    @Emmo2Gee… Did you see the bit at the start? That says “Game Trailers” yeah we kinda gathered that.

  4. kingxzibits Says:

    @IEvoIL LOL no .

  5. Krysiis82 Says:

    Im likin it :D, preorder time haha, in like half a year xD

  6. PODYC95 Says:

    nice analysis

  7. EpiiCxNoiiDz Says:

    I want more detaiiiiils :P
    can’t wait for this cod. @

  8. Emmo2Gee Says:

    This video wasn’t made my xPrZx….it was made by someone else who had it waaaaay before

  9. Emmo2Gee Says:

    @MushroomNob13 There’s not AK, it’s a Type 56, the chinese remake

  10. MechaCartman08 Says:

    Vietnam, invasion of Iranian embassy, both during the Cold War. Thats what i got out of it.

  11. EpicScopa Says:

    M40A3!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME

  12. K10T73r Says:

    Thc for analysiing :)

  13. XxAppleOrangexX Says:

    1:28 if u look closely u will see THOMPSON!
    if someone noticed reply :D

  14. DeMozify Says:

    gotta say the best analysis of cod black ops teaser in youtube :]

  15. jaja007 Says:

    4 freaking month…

  16. elozzman Says:

    i hope theres a sniping mission i fuckin love those

  17. cheesytom1 Says:

    nice anal… hehe

  18. MushroomNob13 Says:

    there are an m4 an AK47 and an AUG in the trailer so i think its something like in assassins creed the animus.

  19. ReVoLuTiONSTuDiOZz Says:

    Looks good anyway

  20. ukuleleboi1 Says:


  21. OwnerMattGaming Says:

    All cod release dates are Month-Day-Year, UK People= Day-Month-Year, USA=11/9/2010, UK=9/11/2010, So release day is 9th November 2010

  22. joeyoh9292 Says:

    @JMTrickz The ANALYSIS was by przx and the trailer was by treyarch, GT just uploaded it first and everyone put it on utube.

  23. joeyoh9292 Says:

    @sebbeviper november 9th.

  24. joeyoh9292 Says:

    @KELViiNxLiiVE Yeah, not another conspiracy XD

  25. KELViiNxLiiVE Says:

    MW2 was out on my bday =D
    but is this like american date or what?

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