Are there any special features in call of duty 6 modern warfare 2, such as nazi zombies?


Are there any special features in call of duty 6 modern warfare 2, such as nazi zombies?

Thu, Mar 31, 2011


And would it be a good buy if i already have world at war?


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  1. S ON MY CHEST Says:

    i heard rumors that instead of zombies there will be aliens

    yeah modern warfare II will be the best COD yet so def. a good buy

  2. /\/\!< H@3L Says:

    isn’t there a demo out yet?

  3. Awesome Crazy NCSU Fan Says:

    There is going to be a Special Forces mode with over 20 levels of single or co-op play in addition to the regular campaign and multiplayer. Yes, it would be a good buy because it has an all new campaign and the return of the best multiplayer ever. Remember, World at War was developed by Activision, while MW2 is being developed by Infinity Ward. They are two completely different games.

  4. Nicole S Says:

    I’ve heard that there will be Alien Terrorists.

  5. Travis Says:

    ZKG – ZoKnowsGaming

    So one of Call of Duty’s biggest strengths has always been its multiplayer. So one thing Infinity Ward is known for is throwing lots of things at the wall and seeing what sticks. They did this year and something very special came out of it, Special Forces Mode. The things found in SFM are things that they thought were really cool but didn’t fit into the actual story, so instead of just dropping them they give them to you here. It allows them to let gamers play out really cool moments that really don’t fit the overall story, but are just darn fun to play. Apparently, SPM will have a heavy focus on co-op, with some missions being so hard in fact that the developers say there is no real way besides co-op to beat them. There is not yet any word on how many Special Forces missions their will be or if will be able to be played online with friends, but West did say in the article it would be a major component.

    Let’s see, a few other tidbits. Modern Warfare 2 will feature a revamped community site, where gamers are supposed to be able to communicate and share like never before. In fact, West makes the statement in the article that ” One of my favorite things about multiplayer is making people famous”. Now that can mean a lot of things but he goes on to say that when people do noteworthy things online, everyone will know about in a way that he says is easy to remember.
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    Travis Wilson

  6. userfy Says:

    Hey I would wait for modern warfare 2 to come out. Meanwhile preorder from amazon for November just click the links:

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  7. chaz c Says:

    i heard there was going to be a zombie bombing mode.

    and if you see the new trailer you will find the teddy bear from nazi zombies…:]

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