Sat, Nov 5, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 BE SURE to submit your MW3 killcams to me when you get the game!!! Check out tejbz playlist of awesome mw3 videos! ———————————- Subscribe for more videos: Stay updated on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Get an Official OpTic Gaming Jersey: Get some #OGSwag: Visit our Website: Capped during the codxp event in LA. Its me tejbz that is playing Thanks for watching. Category: Gaming Tags: tejbz tejb mw3 gameplay modern warfare village spas quickscope sniping map call of duty codxp three
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  1. TrickshotStatus Says:

    Modern Warfare 3 L1184 Collateral on MuzzaFuzza!


  2. Speedy3909 Says:

    @xXxcodplayaxXx im thinking bf3 players…

  3. Mefirstftw Says:

    @RsIsLazy … asking stuff is never dumb, they got this from Call Of Duty XP

  4. ThatDarnNO0b Says:

    are they trying to make us angry by putting the kinect sports at the advertisement?
    well its not working. BECAUSE THATS MY FAVORITE GAME!

  5. RsIsLazy Says:

    how did they get to play mw3 already? probably a dumb question to ask but o well.. lol

  6. Mitchell483 Says:

    @xXxcodplayaxXx all the dislikes are from trickshoters who thought it was a trickshot…

  7. Viczey Says:

    I looked at the right corner and I didn’t recognized it was Tejbz! :P

  8. MrPyroguy108 Says:

    @iamExodus personally i prefer noscoping

  9. KnowledgeBeats Says:

    @rafaelLPrg LOL dead out battlefield

  10. MostCallMeSmoke Says:

    You can easily quickscope in black ops… Just saying lol.

  11. sschmtty1 Says:

    i honestly thought this was mw2. they have changed nothing but the maps and campaign

  12. MusicPersonGuy1 Says:

    quickscoping looks so swift and smooth.

  13. rafaelLPrg Says:

    @KnowledgeBeats Fuck you you stupid consumer waste another 64.75 dollars on mw2′s DLC

  14. GloryProjectz Says:

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    I will just write it anyways because i feel at least ONE person will.
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  15. tvlover17 Says:

    @wadedobbins1 u can quick scope in black ops

  16. KnowledgeBeats Says:

    @wadedobbins1 sum next pussy, go play battlefield

  17. wadedobbins1 Says:

    F quick scoping… One of the few things black ops got right.

  18. ThePaintLooksGood Says:

    Exclusive? I saw this like the first day of COD:XP XD

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