BF3 or MW3 what should i buy?


BF3 or MW3 what should i buy?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : BF3 or MW3 what should i buy?
having a hard time here i got skyrim but want a nice shooter to play aswell i so should i get BF3 or MW3 rather get a answer from someone who has both games

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Answer by Hameem

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  1. Davis Says:

    i think u need to get mw3, go ahead and try before u get it, i really like mw3 better then bf3 is more minicam game

  2. tparker9 Says:

    unless you want to buy a $ 60 map pack for mw2, please get BF3. it will not disappoint, it is actually new, creative, and intuitive unlike mw3.

  3. J0k3R Says:

    i got both and i was really upset about mw3 it seems like they took 1 or 2 steps back of black ops. i would prefer battlefield 3. but i got so many games, the last time i went on bf3 i sucked. same with mw3 now lol if you like teamwork get bf3 maps are nice and pretty mw3 maps are tiny. like nuketown tiny

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