BF3 vs. MW3 What is your opinion?


BF3 vs. MW3 What is your opinion?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3


Question by : BF3 vs. MW3 What is your opinion?
Im curious.
In my opnion, BF3 will be the best and easily be better than MW3.

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  1. carolina Says:

    MW3 ALL THE WAY :D . i already pre ordered mine [:

  2. Thomas Mayer Says:

    Halo 4

  3. ChadWicky Says:

    Battlefield 3 most definitely.

  4. Ji Do Says:

    MW3 will sell more because it’s major powerhouse In gaming fact- more mw3 pre orders then battlefield

  5. Wind Bestpl Says:

    BF3 is the best!

  6. Austin Baughan Says:

    BF3 and MW3 have there differences…but… infinity ward is helping create both…so campaign wise…MW3…multiplayer…BF3 just raped the whole COD series

  7. Marko Says:

    MW3 wins because its got the call of duty name attached to it but I’m really looking forward to BF3. CoD is getting too big and its filled with screaming 12 year olds.

  8. JubJubBird Says:

    This must be a rhetorical question.
    BF3 all the way! I agree with you completely, but I for some reason I think that MW3 will get more sales even though BF3 will be of higher quality.

  9. Steven Says:

    If you buy MW3 your just getting the last four with a new, but sloppy, coat of paint. like they through the bucket and said done.
    With BF3 you are buying a game, that actually had effort put into it and the development lasted longer than 6 months.
    This is really no competition. the only thing MW3 offers is the chance of not having to actually think and have skill. whereas BF3 has a new, amazing, engine. smart gameplay, meaning you can’t just keep running around the map in a big circle getting kills. squad gameplay. you can’t be a one man army, unless you are really that good. realism. the feeling you are on a BATTLEFIELD.
    But ofcourse MW3 will sell better cause’ of all the lil kids whining to their parents about it.

  10. Jack Says:

    ‘BF3 will easily be better than MW3′ wow thats big talk considering moder warfare 1 and 2 where both best sellers for the year and multiple other accomplishments. Im with Mw3 all the way.

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