Black Ops lag fix


Black Ops lag fix

BLACK OPS LAG FIX. So, like several Black Ops gamers out there I had serious issues with lag, while playing online and offline. I did a test with the Combat training that comes with the game and it was a horrible experience, not playable at all!

To solve the lag problem I checked the contents of the actual disc. There is often a folder from the disk referred to as Resources. In that folder is often a folder Redist.

To solve the lag problem i started with checking the disc, there’s often a folder from the disc with Resources and in that folder a “Redist”.

I ran the first vcredist_x86.exe file that i found followed by going to the DirectX-folder where i ran dxsetup.exe. Then rebooted the computer and went back to battle training. At the same time i had my eye on my CPU usage. I currently have a Phenom x2 Dual II Core clocked at 3.1ghz and CPU-usage was 95% most of the time… :/

So i decided to use the magic on my motherboard and turning it into a quad (don’t like running it as a quad due to the fact that it builds so much heat up). Then back to Windows, load up Black Ops, go to Combat Training and what the… it was now smooooooth as silk.

No stutter, no lag.  CPU utilization was now a more manageable 80% on core two and about 60% from the other three cores. Next was the big test on the net multiplayer. NO delays or stutter at all!

*** UPDATE ***

Here are some other stuff to fix lag, stutter etc:

Black Ops Lag Fix #2

1. Make sure you run steam in Offline Mode
2. Start Black Ops
3. Go back to Windows, press ctrl+alt+delete and end the steam.exe process.

Black Ops Lag Fix #3

1. Make sure you run steam in Offline Mode
2. Start Black Ops
3. Go back to Windows, press ctrl+alt+delete and end the steam.exe process.

Black Ops Lag / Stutter Fix #4

1. Open windows taskmanger (ctrl+alt+delete)
2. Set Black Ops to HIGH priority
3. Set steam.exe to LOW priority

Stutter / Lag Fix #5

1. Close “Steam Cloud” (right click the game in Steam Library then goto; properties > updates and uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud Sync”

Black Ops crash after resolution change

If you choose to change the resolution in Black Ops it can crash the game. Same thing can happen if you do an alt+tab from the game. It was an update from steam though that i think solved this problem. Make sure you have gotten that download fix.

Make sure to read the comments below that provide some additional valuable tips as well!


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  1. raiNmann Says:

    Yeah, this black ops lag fix really helped! =)

  2. stutterfix Says:

    I also disabled PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB processes via the windows task manger just to be sure that all things that cause lag or stutter was gone :) Thanks for the info!

  3. jonathan Says:

    Yeah, disabling punkbuster also seem to helped a bit.

    Try this as well!:
    One thing that can help as well is pressing ctrl+alt+del and then change process priority on Black Ops to high and setting process priority on steam to low.

    This can really end stutter lag and other delays in Black Ops!

  4. OliverPerving Says:

    Could you explain that in a more easy way to understand? ;) please, me and my friends are almost destroying our computers beacuse of anger that it lags! please :)

  5. deadone Says:


    What u ppl say there is kind of dumb, as cod bo doesnt even use PB but VAC.
    so disabling pb will do nothing noticeable in cod bo.

  6. Bo Says:

    here is an idea. You wonder why you cant run B-ops well its a different engine. I was wondering at first why i could not run it. My graphic card is a GFX 260 so it should be stable enough (thou it fails in the larger picture. figured out it was my CPU. A friend gave me a link, that tells me exat how my computer was compared to various new games also Black ops check it out.

  7. anon Says:

    Apparently there is a bug in the graphics engine that affects some computers causing the game to lag no matter what specs you’re running. Admittedly, my processor is not up to the minimum requirement (everything else is fine) but even after I shut down all non-essential processes and added 1.4 GB of memory, the game STILL lagged even on the lowest resolution and with all quality settings set to lowest or turned off altogether.

  8. Bald Eagle Says:

    Didnt work at all :(. If I can run cod6 smooth on highest graphics I shud be able to play cod7 lowest graphics? Coz thats what graphics Im on right now

  9. evgy Says:

    hi do call of duty black support 640×480 graphic?

  10. Vixie Says:

    How do you mean:

    So i decided to use the magic on my motherboard and turning it into a quad (don’t like running it as a quad due to the fact that it builds so much heat up). Then back to Windows, load up Black Ops, go to Combat Training and what the… it was now smooooooth as silk.

    Cause i like silk..
    Have cotton now :(

  11. Kotaz Says:

    Another fix i found that worked some people have their graphics lower and i turned mine up full thinking i was going to lag but instead i got ALOT less lag i can even play online now and the only lag i get is really when i get to close to some one or to many gunshots at once but max graphics from minimum decreased my lag by about 10 times. hope this helps some one cos my mate did the same thing and had the same result

  12. HC Jamboree Says:

    You can do all of this and it won’t fix Black Ops the stutter and lag is improved but not fixed because it is on the server side of the game Treyarch and activision are going to have to fix the servers before it runs smooth. I have an I7 920 quad core and a 4870X2 There are also a few settings that can be changed in the game console that will help with reducing lag. BF BC2 is a huge resource hog and if you can run bad company 2 with no problems or MW2 there is absolutly no reason not to be able to run this game. The things we are experiencing cold have and would have been fixed if Activision would have released a beta version of this game. Once again we have purchased a inferior product from Activision fooled me twice shame on me.

  13. Azzthatch Says:

    I have a PC which meets the spec requirements, runs fine in single player and training etc but I get lag when playing online. I have read that there is a problem with Treyarch which is causing the servers to lag. Treyarch are working on a resolution to this as we speak… but you would of thought that they would of had this all running smooth in advance to realeasing the worlds best selling game?

  14. Wayne Says:

    One more thing to try:

    Close blackops

    edit your config file located in this folder ( there is only 1 file in the folder on my new install)

    – C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty black ops\players

    Open the config file with wordpad – the file name = config_mp.cfg

    Look for this line:
    seta r_multithreaded_device “1″

    By default on my install multithreaded was set to 0, change the value to 1,
    then save the file and restart black ops

    Good luck! This program is seriously bad software design, overloads CPU utilisation, and fails to maximise the GPU’s horsepower. Activision have released a BETA program at full retail price.

  15. Holden Says:

    I have done everything thats been put on here and still no bloody joy…. Black Ops will just sit there till they sort it or i get fed up and delete the game from my pc! MW2 for me ha ha.

  16. Downtimer Says:

    Heres a programm for Lag Fix i tried it and now i can play Black ops without lags an errors !

    Download Link:

  17. Chuck Says:

    So your big epiphany was to ENABLE ALL YOUR CPU’S CORES? WOW YOU ARE A GENIUS.

  18. Duda Says:

    @ Chuck

    Lets see, if enabling the multithreaded cpu support helps… then shut-up and say thanks! If it doesn’t help, say so if you’ve tried it. Seriously, idiots like you shouldn’t speak unless you have something constructive to say. So pratice being a mime and leave those who are trying to help ALONE!

  19. Moskus Says:

    it helped to change the seta r thing to 1 thank you very much

  20. Cadazt Says:

    if Infinity ward can make more stabil game with same engine, graphic, effect. and Treyarch came with this lag bug, than Treyarch has give us broken game, the problem it’s on Treyarch not your computer. Blame them for this!!!

  21. aaron Says:

    Hey Try turning off your virtual memory Paging. go to “start” right click computer,, properties, advanced settings, performance settings, advanced, then change your virtual memory to “No paging”.

  22. Mike C Says:

    Fix #4 worked like a charm on my crappy Core2Duo 2.0ghz, game ran perfectly. Would only get stutter while following someone in between deaths but I think this is more bad lag management.

  23. blackblack Says:

    this is stupid what is all the hype on blackops? a half baked game that won’t even run on most pcs??

    blackops is the most stupidest game ever!

  24. RAHUL Says:


  25. wasteOfMoney Says:

    Black ops was soo hyped up, pre-ordered n everything, game came out, LAGG. I had enough of software companies not caring about PC gamers. Moral is if you can’t bet them join them. LAG FIX #6, buy a ps3 with blackOps (never turning back).

  26. mej Says:

    thank you dude, pretty useful

  27. andrew Says:

    i would do this but dont under stand nerd talk XD

  28. Josh Says:

    Hey guys, I know this sounds silly but try turning off shadows. It’s like night and day for me (no pun intended). I read that a lot of ppl are having this problem but didn’t see it on here.

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