Call of Duty 2 – 01 – Red Army Training


Call of Duty 2 – 01 – Red Army Training

Fri, Aug 27, 2010

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  1. victorian4j Says:

    in mother russia, potatoes eat u comrades..

  2. astronomicao Says:

    this is definitely a very awesome video game i can’t imagine it. it’s a lot superior to cod4. i have only just attained the second prestige ! i’m as a result delighted. acquired the video game only a couple weeks ago off mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) however , im already wooping everybody!

  3. xxsnipehshotxx Says:

    i chose this game over mw2

  4. parzit888 Says:


  5. Reversd2u Says:

    @XoOStrikerOoX lol in cod4 you have a knife and thats easier.

  6. Reversd2u Says:

    @alfred4king because they attacked so suddenly, the lands where not ready to battle such a fierce army.

  7. Reversd2u Says:

    rifles where way to accurate in cod 1 =p here they are reasonable.

  8. ZombieCrazy100 Says:

    This are potatoes commrade, wahy are we using potatoes instad of real grenades?

  9. Jackbookowski89 Says:

    Great video man Im doing similiar stuff and i use tools from CodCheat(.)com they are helpful

  10. geogzm Says:

    *high pitch* THESEAREPOTATOES!

  11. prototype91595 Says:

    good idea

  12. fromromaniawitlov Says:

    4:21- Sir? he had to say comrade, they were comunists!

  13. Afinogenov17 Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the end music?
    This level is my favourite. Potato instead of grenade. XD XD
    COD 2 forever!

  14. XoOStrikerOoX Says:

    Haha , i kept bashing when i played CoD2 again cuz i was so used to CoD4 :P


  15. alfred4king Says:

    it was amazing how the notzees claimed so many land in a few years but then lost it all

  16. porchmonkey78 Says:

    i likee cod 5s campaign more cus i lie ww2 and cod is better online but killing nazi zombies is the best in cod 5

  17. kolonelcg Says:

    the best red army training vid

  18. jonny992 Says:

    during suck bad times i would save the potatos for food.

  19. prototype91595 Says:

    o realy i never played it but i did have the game how funny

  20. valttu94 Says:

    I have that game but my computer is too slow to play it :(

  21. tak0242424 Says:

    that started at cod united offensive except u have a limit to run
    so i was alittle curious if cod 2 can sprint

  22. prototype91595 Says:

    no that started in CoD4

  23. danydaplaya Says:

    nazi mode is meh for me…..i still yet have to play the new maps LOL COD4 is better in Campaign i guess online i tryed it was alright waw’s campaign isnt that exciting

  24. dreadful0chicken Says:

    i guess i just like the darker theme of WAW, and i like killing nazis more than terrorists, and everyone has to admit that nazi zombies is badass

  25. danydaplaya Says:

    COD4 was fail no my friend CODWAW was fail i borrowed it from my cousin liked it i was like its not that bad as people said it would be
    bought COD4 FUCK YEA BITCHS pwn yo terrorist ass

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