Call of Duty 2 – Intro


Call of Duty 2 – Intro

Sat, Apr 3, 2010

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  1. Roliboy17 Says:


  2. Halo2Boy Says:

    “Kick their asses back to the fatherland! *Headshot* Take cover in the trench!”

  3. jeffro282 Says:


  4. joker39th Says:

    “Keep moving forward!”

  5. joker39th Says:

    yea but Macgregor is a beast in this game :-)

  6. Ipwnallnoobs89 Says:

    Ok mate this should be like this don`t want to start flame war or something but some nice stuff was written in a guide at CodCheat(.)com

  7. kyri3x Says:

    old school mate… this own all call of duty in the next 1000 years

  8. kollon88 Says:



  9. NokiaN70Rulez Says:

    Best game of ever!

  10. Deadfox7777 Says:

    “Die you dirty jerry rotter!”

  11. svacar Says:

    cod2 intro ;-)

  12. Noraesh Says:

    Song is name???

  13. k915 Says:

    its the call of duty 2 theme, it was composed specially for call of duty. try galbadia hotel, google it, they have like a ton of game music. good luck! (:

  14. Raegarth Says:

    Can I have the title plz

  15. spartan001191 Says:

    they need to remake it but not change it at all. just graphic and more online so people can play THE BEST CALL OF DUTY OUT THEIR

  16. leonscott2re Says:

    Can someone tell me the name of the song?

  17. TheSeusDR Says:

    epic game

  18. morningtrance Says:

    that song makes it epic!!!

  19. 6chowder Says:

    cod 2 is the better game of the series just my opion

  20. TheUchihaShadow Says:

    It’s actually “Kick their asses back to the fatherland”

  21. MrTobbL Says:

    The intro from the german version sucks! But this intro from the american version is the best I’ve ever seen.

  22. TheCombatboots Says:

    i love this intro

  23. zomgtheone Says:

    Epic song, man.

  24. regxzfs Says:

    G3T C@LL of DuTy M0D3RN W@RF@R3 FREE ViSiT
    mwf2free.blogspot , c0m

  25. GettingUp450 Says:

    0:23 kick their asses back down follow me lol!

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