Call of Duty 2 Mission 6 Part 1


Call of Duty 2 Mission 6 Part 1

Sun, Sep 12, 2010


Call of Duty 2 Mission 6 Part 1


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  1. astronomicjuncto Says:

    whos playing with the most current map pack? wow i find it difficult to believe how perfect it really is! its excessively expensive though and so i simply downloaded it on mw2forfreeYinfo (replace Y with . ) a couple days ago. i am gonna make use of the cash i ended up saving for a brand-new mouse

  2. MasakoXer Says:

    So do I.

  3. jaccomenting Says:

    no, i have the game bymyself

  4. MasakoXer Says:

    There are about over 50 missions.

  5. MasakoXer Says:

    Yeah, like hell they were going to win the war.
    You would be speaking German right now, if the Germans won the war.
    There would be no peace.

  6. Kdssow Says:

    ZOMG dude you kept living on the edge of death in this movie, why didnt u just take your SMG and spare your rifle bullets in those trenches, bunkers and houses?

  7. jd6086 Says:

    awsome vid

  8. Hperman09 Says:

    yeah go ahead and the Nazis would have control ya. then you would have freedom of speech.

  9. MrQuevivalarevolucio Says:

    there germans should have get the world
    then it would be peace im sure

  10. MISOFdsraceteam Says:

    there’s a private miller in there

  11. DARKSPARTEN119 Says:

    in the first its

    american 1st
    british 2nd
    russian 3rd

  12. MisstaaLee Says:

    it was kinda violent how u kept waking those nazis but funny too

  13. jaccomenting Says:

    There are 27 Levels

  14. lindydu62 Says:

    et vous saqver quoi j aurai une play qui prend les jeux grave

  15. blaskovytz Says:

    how many missions does the game have?

  16. eeoy Says:

    im on the part where you raid the bunker that the guy blew the door off. it is really hard on veteran and i keep dying. any suggestions?

  17. SgtThom Says:

    Thw frist game is the complete oppsite.

  18. speedy1908 Says:

    Omg Easy???

  19. kennedy072 Says:

    now this is the life icalled 6 to 1

  20. HotShot338 Says:

    ah…missions in order just like CoD Finest Hour
    Russian 1st
    British 2nd
    American 3rd

  21. weaponnerd Says:

    Why do you run before your soldiers? They defend you.Oh,something more,why don’t you take cover so often. But anyway, Good play!

  22. waytyson26 Says:

    wow that was funny how you hit the ppl in the gut with the gun

  23. cardealboy Says:

    Hello, where is this place in the mission?

  24. krobi94 Says:

    2:00-2:02,funny but it works.5 stars good vid

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