Call Of Duty 2 Multiplayer


Call Of Duty 2 Multiplayer

Thu, Apr 15, 2010


call of duty trailer multiplayer video game cod2


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  1. Michaelmop Says:

    @darkville Aye, CoD1 was such an amazing shooter for that time.

  2. darkville Says:

    @Michaelmop yeah, i also hate it when they do so. i have played cod 1,UO,2,4 and WaW before MW2

  3. BBCeastwood Says:

    Dropshot ftw!

  4. Michaelmop Says:

    These days you got all the MW1/2 kids acting like they are CoD veterans. Well go play CoD1 and 2 and you will know better bitches.

  5. alk0lights Says:

    What a beast.

  6. joeyjunior111 Says:

    evrybody play these days mw2 and mw1. i respect cod1, and cod2 and cod united offensive and cod3. stuff liek that!
    This game is very nice, i dont like multiplayer tho!!! FLOOR

  7. luishogie Says:

    never played cod b 4 cod4 lol so i dont kno…..but sure i agree?

  8. king62497 Says:

    Nver knew cod2 was so kayotic

  9. homokongen1234 Says:

    i also agree!

  10. TheFuentes5551 Says:

    @grezzer31 i agree ;)

  11. brianbread80 Says:

    @ultimateman01 I agree

  12. grezzer31 Says:

    Ahh this is the Call of Duty i know :) Its just you and your gun, no perks, no killstreask. Just you and your gun – A real mans game ;)

  13. elfreakazoid Says:

    nice @ clips!

  14. alanborre Says:

    @CactusMan74u i dont stay here watchin call of duty videos all day to know it sorry….boss (:

  15. WolfLoveAngel Says:

    i would like to say,search for stronger enemys,because they are all looking like NooB`s *haha* ^^


  16. tutorsprim1814 Says:

    e we me qoji a tu jefa

  17. appleman1324 Says:

    dis game is awesome, and it deserved the credibility it got. everthing after call of duty 3 became so overrated, i mean theyre all good games, i think this ones the best, but even from how good 4,5, and modernwarfare 2 may have been, they were really overrated

  18. and2949 Says:

    its cool that people still play this game

  19. MYSTOP4 Says:

    bodies by drowning pool… UGHHHH

  20. ultimateman01 Says:

    this song is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to overused……………and annoing

  21. Aaronsxsw Says:

    Getting sick of this song now.

  22. MLGJoshi888 Says:

    good drop shottin…

  23. jezuz3 Says:


  24. CactusMan74u Says:

    @alanborre How do you not know this song?? It’s in almost every Call of Duty video, fucking idiot.

  25. adamsfamily98666 Says:

    Good game.
    Good player.

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