Call of Duty 2 PC Gameplay


Call of Duty 2 PC Gameplay

Sun, May 9, 2010


This is my second video, it’s another Cod 2 movie. Hope you like it.

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  1. veppana Says:

    @crazymilot you should buy call of duty modern warfare 2 ! that`s really good war game

  2. jambot321 Says:

    @dennisfreind I Think Its Infinity Ward. :)

  3. dennisfreind Says:

    is this treyach or infinity ward?

  4. kalash070 Says:

    but the singleplayer is awesome!

  5. kalash070 Says:

    @5dollrftlongXD the online mod is gay,and there is a small amount of players,and for the most of servers you need some cd key XP

  6. 5dollrftlongXD Says:

    does anyone still play cod 2 for pc? this game looks like it could be awesome for online

  7. NarutoBrZacker Says:

    Is the game TOO heavy? like HL2, or these kind of games?

  8. NarutoBrZacker Says:

    Is the game TOO heavy? like HL2, or these kind of games?

  9. TheDoucheChanel Says:

    try playing Call of Duty:finest hour for and Call of Duty:Big Red One for the PS2

  10. shairyar123 Says:

    i finished that part of the mission, btw nice vid and I love this gmae cuz the story is epic the bots arent noob like the mw games

  11. Th34ss4ss1N Says:


  12. Th34ss4ss1N Says:

    No singleplayer campaign

  13. goggi9494 Says:

    1:06 Классная игра

  14. MoofyZTR Says:

    @josemendoza15 Cheap guy.. :P Get a platform.. XBOX! Then you can add me! :D

  15. Kurzxclan Says:

    serch on google cod 2 demo, if you can play the demo you can play the actual game, the demo is free btw

  16. josemendoza15 Says:

    yea I know,but all that stuff is expensive.

  17. MoofyZTR Says:

    @josemendoza15 WHAT!? Just answering your question! -.-

  18. josemendoza15 Says:


  19. MoofyZTR Says:

    @CPThunder4 YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

  20. MoofyZTR Says:

    @josemendoza15 What u think!? Sound card no.. But then there is no sound! Video.. EHM YEA!!!! Noob

  21. joaosodre1 Says:

    you could tell me if there is even a site down, I can not download or link does not work or play not work

  22. simionovandrei Says:

    haha guys i finished this game 5-6 times its my favorite game

  23. josemendoza15 Says:

    question,do u really need a video card and sound card to play this game?

  24. danielgo2050 Says:

    loooool estava nesse level today

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