Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds! –


Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds! –

Sat, Feb 13, 2010

Call of Duty 4

Subscribe: WOAH! #1 Most Viewed cod4 Video on youtube! 6 Million views! Warning! This video may cause Epilepsy(seizures)! Please watch at your own risk. First off, I made this video. I do not play Call of Duty 4 or any other game. If you wonder how I got a creative beat,…

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  1. proasslicker Says:

    how made it ?

  2. YfOrTiN31 Says:

    AWESOME man How long dit it take?

  3. iamnot18yrsold Says:

    you shud make a mw2 song (if you got it) i think you will good at it.

  4. limitednodle Says:

    Made a ring tone from 0:00 to 0:40 on tube 2tone(.}com

  5. fartbag123123 Says:

    your just another view

  6. martinbkn7 Says:

    good sound lol

  7. chrisbrezzy96 Says:

    dangg.,.,over 8million viewss.,.,but this is cool though

  8. GodfatherofSoul2004 Says:

    I think I know what I’m reinstalling when I get home tonight.

  9. Sasmusta Says:

    how long it take u ????

  10. KaiTaylork Says:

    heysearching for a guy that will make me go wild

  11. diedoska Says:

    IS BIg gOOd !! Nice

  12. Gabriaugangst Says:


  13. GilMullens Says:

    epic ftw

  14. BiggieSykes Says:

    lol alrite buddy u keep on thinken that. lol just lol

  15. clanMTK Says:

    darn you should have put the noobtube **DUNG*** sound in it =D

  16. gonesk8tr Says:


  17. VaconCamp Says:

    lol the silencers sound like the gun is jammed

  18. FUDHEAD Says:

    you must be a virgin to make this

  19. NicolaSaysRAWWRRR Says:

    haha the silencers crack me up every time :’)

  20. fragmovievito Says:

    Nicenice Very Well done..

  21. asafchen1 Says:

    is dont give me get in to the songs is say 400 eror

  22. AndyRiffer Says:

    hahaha I fucking love this !

  23. SmkSimonC Says:

    the pistol sound pretty good

  24. GrinchandMax Says:

    @BiggieSykes lol COD4 used the id engine and made this piece of shit? Are you serious? COD4 plays like laser tag.
    Quake = life.

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