Call of Duty 4 — Gun Sounds


Call of Duty 4 — Gun Sounds

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

Call of Duty 4

Created by serpento99 A very popular music video made with only gun sounds found in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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  1. connoronwheels Says:

    E P I C!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Arkas0092 Says:

    World Greatest Game nice work ;^)

  3. epicvids2000 Says:

    Cahillo my gt

  4. Elliottgraffmasta Says:

    awsome as hell brilliant editing techniques

  5. hovonegal Says:

    Check out my ringtone of this video 0:44 – 0:50 at tube2 tone{.}com

  6. hallbedh Says:


  7. 1210jts Says:


  8. ColonelFukui Says:


  9. CronicXImpulse Says:


  10. miss1bear Says:

    awsome vid yo im on my moms account so dont ask but cool vid

  11. dupapanoel Says:

    Dr peppers can u boost me, i suscribed

  12. ghostrecondude1 Says:



    OMG niceee

  14. D0ctorPeppers Says:

    if anyone wants 10th prestige glitch challenge lobby i do it for free.
    All you have to do is subscribe then msg me your gamertag
    My gamertag is youtube channel name

    For every other person you get to subscribe to me thats 1 more person you can invite to lobby
    just get them to msg me saying you told them to sub
    No gold deagle btw

  15. Sorrow835 Says:

    Ok what a copy of the Counter Strike Gun Sounds

  16. josue072 Says:

    yes its cool
    but you forgot the clasics like COD 2 ,COD 2 BRO
    it be cool to, if make one video of that games please

  17. r0b3rt330 Says:


  18. RocoLebo Says:

    lmao at 0:51

  19. zakielangel Says:

    w0o0ow that was so cool :D

  20. X1Reaper1X Says:

    this is awesome!

  21. cheatmasterlew Says:

    lol u r like the god of youtube

  22. LFproductionsable Says:

    Holy shit man,
    fucking no life but this is crazy fuckingheavycrazyomfglmaololzorsw0000t crazy

  23. BarbCat08 Says:

    do mw2

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