Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 19 No fighting in the War Room


Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 19 No fighting in the War Room

Sun, Sep 19, 2010

Call of Duty 4

Want more? Visit: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough This Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough is a Walkthrouth of Call of Duty 4 created to entertain or help players to finish COD4: Modern Warfare. The difficulty level of this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough is at Veteran. So in this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough I probably will play more carefully than usual. The reason being that to record this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough I have to use “fraps” which is reducing my frame rate and obviously increasing the level of difficulty. I must also add that at the moment where I start to record this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough, I only finished the game one time and have really little experience. So it’s also highly possible that in the process of recording this walkthrough I will likely die a couple of time, but I will try to make it so that it doesn’t appear to allow people to have an uninterrupted experience. Enjoy this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channels: + Attila16: + Dateyourgame: .

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  1. DrRevan Says:

    Does anyone besides me feel that it’s totally unfair that Captain Price is assumed to have jumped over the barricade while the player has to fight AROUND it?

  2. DrRevan Says:

    3:22 and 3:23, what’s that odd pop sound?

  3. wegmisbruikers1993 Says:

    i don’t think this is veteran or the enemy’s are blind here

  4. Scythe785 Says:

    I finished the wii version, lol…

  5. Wick3DSteely Says:

    this shit is crazy, I finished the game on veteran once on the xbox and I got it as a gift for the PC, so I decided “eh wth ill play it again” and WTF, so checkpoints on the level after the one where the timer starts

  6. Ursmare Says:

    1:24- 1:28
    Okay, now where is ATTILA’S gameplay?

  7. Abbie2710 Says:

    pause it right at the start and hold the left arrow key and you can play snake!! :P

  8. GrandDaddyGary Says:

    looks to eassy i dont think hes doing it on veteran

  9. asymptotefayettevil Says:

    whats everyones most popular gun? i really like a rpg myself. it’s really easy to eliminate nearly everybody by using it! my roommate calls me a newbie for making use of the gun however who cares. i’m kind of unique i suppose! but at the very least i didnt have to pay for the game. i down loaded it free of charge at mw2forfreeYinfo (replace Y with . ) the other week

  10. randomkidder Says:

    F*ckin sucks. Loads so slow

  11. Robihno888 Says:

    I hate this mission

  12. krrk666 Says:

    i brought a RPG when play this, i use the RPG to clear most enemy whne i get out from the facilitate

  13. BadIdeas101 Says:

    best quote of the game lol

  14. avatarcody1 Says:

    first time I played this I thought it said his name was “Inbred Zakhaev”

  15. avatarcody1 Says:

    @avatarcody1 in the beginning of the lvl he had the cheats*

  16. avatarcody1 Says:

    @wolverineeeeeeeee he did use it… I checked every time he reloaded.. the number stayed the same

  17. wolverineeeeeeeee Says:

    nice vid. I still cant get through on veteran or i have not enough time±p
    But you certainly dont use the unlimited ammo cheat for the ammo is getting less lol. Some ppl need glasses haha.

  18. CarPanthers9119 Says:

    @brianbread80 If you’re looking for that type of health thing, you’d probably enjoy the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, i.e. Black Arrow, Critical Hour ]. They do that, nd it’s actually a very good series. Very entertaining.

  19. brianbread80 Says:

    cod is realistic in every way BESIDES the cod 5 ray gun and wonder waffe and zombies and COD 6 museum. but the thing i think is the worst about it is that you have like 1,000,000 bullets in you . halo is better on the health first of all when you get shot 1,000,000 times your SHEILD reacharges because your in the FUTURE but when you lose your shields your wearing a suit of ARMOR. there both the same in my opinion.

  20. RedDeadAustin Says:

    Omg you never die but you died here!

  21. iMmOrTaLcOiLz2 Says:

    He’s cheating with the infinite ammo cheat!!!

  22. Dewzy100 Says:

    @ghostrider322 at least he’s honest…..

  23. ramzes5a Says:

    veteran? haha good joke

  24. Ursmare Says:

    @ghostrider322 Ouch

  25. tallpan89 Says:

    I rock in this game after using the secrets I found at videogamestrategyguides (.) net

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