Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: FPS-Russia’s FFA Slaughter (COD4MW Gameplay/Commentary)


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: FPS-Russia’s FFA Slaughter (COD4MW Gameplay/Commentary)

Mon, May 24, 2010

Call of Duty 4 Click here for more Call of Duty 4gameplay! Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: FPS-Russia’s FFA Slaughter (COD4MW Gameplay/Commentary) FPS-Russia brings honor to the motherland in this chilling free-for-all. Director’s Channel: – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima ‪ Inside Gaming ‪ Machinima Respawn ‪ Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture ‪ FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Call of Duty Modern Warfare MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision call duty modern warfare2 machinima guide advice tactical nuke killstreak deathmatch ffa tips commentary 25 kill streak award headquarters pro intervention Wardy kyle klm5986 FPSKyle

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  1. lc329987817987 Says:

    I dunno bout u, but I’ve never paid sixty dollars for a steam game, and I never will. I downloaded the most recent nulled full version and the map pack from codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ) and it worked perfectly . Believe me, even though it is a Wonderful game, its not worth sixty dollars when you can get it for free.

  2. JMTRnb69 Says:

    Lol I think this is fps Kyle just crying for attention can’t believe he makes money out of stupid Americans

  3. mrfruitsnacks21 Says:

    Damn right man getting laid here is hard you either hve to ait like forever or pay a hooker nd no one want to get aids Dx

  4. Xerodynamicz Says:


  5. SDvsRaw2008Fan Says:

    @theflyingdutchmanxD No, he’s Roman. Since when does Niko talk about women like FPSRussia does?

  6. MaistroDavid Says:

    Well not many people make a new account if they have on ealready unless they are switching consoles or getting hacked etc.
    So the guy making the joke made an FPSRussia account :)

  7. theflyingdutchmanxD Says:

    @MaistroDavid eny idiot knows you can just make a new account and ur lvl 1 again but nooooo u have to go and say its fake bcouse he is low lvl. it is a joke though ur right about that

  8. theflyingdutchmanxD Says:

    @SDvsRaw2008Fan nico belic?

  9. GamerFi3d Says:

    Lol He Said The Pussy Was Urs Already

  10. Lunar3clipz3 Says:

    In Soviet Russia Pussy gets you :D

  11. spiderdude23459 Says:

    LOL 3:20-4:00


    rape? hahaha!!!!!!!

  13. zolleen Says:

    @MaistroDavid level doesn’t matter, skill does.

  14. MeGustaRyan Says:


  15. joe5725 Says:

    its FPS Kyle if you did not know for you people hating

  16. MaistroDavid Says:

    This is fake, hes very low level so it’s either Machinima or another commentator who has a very good time joking with us :D

  17. buttercow12 Says:

    instant favorite commentator

  18. V3T3RANpRoX Says:

    haha youre funny

  19. Jalle911 Says:


  20. DeilpoTV Says:

    @jammiejamie2 By any chance could it be default , you know the button in custom class to reset to default.

  21. matmanqwe Says:

    Is ur acent real? If so it’s awesome

  22. GodericG Says:

    U re absolutely brilliant dude!

  23. jammiejamie2 Says:

    I love your videos man they r great. But how do you have dead silence at level 20 when you unlock it at level 40ish?

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