Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Search and Destroy Offense Tutorial for Bog


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Search and Destroy Offense Tutorial for Bog

Sun, Nov 14, 2010

Call of Duty 4 This video is a Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare tutorial for Search and Destroy. These series of videos, which will be provided for ALL Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps, can provide you with effective strategies for improving your Search and Destroy game. Visit our website at where we provide detailed game guides, trophy guides, and multiplayer strategies for games such as Prototype, inFAMOUS, Killzone 2, and Call of Duty: World at War.


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  1. MrBombi0 Says:

    What I like to do is take the A route, run along the sheet metal wall and throw a grenade through the door. It’ll get you a kill 75% percent of the time. After that, you can go through the open entrance to A and flank them there.

  2. RobMetalCheese Says:

    @hardtop510 Like?

  3. MrYankeefan01 Says:

    @NextGenTactics u should of used a silencer

  4. NeoDaxtoChief17 Says:

    @hardtop510 he only stated his opinion don’t get pissed off
    As for the vid he showing his tactics and seeing if they are useful to other people

    I hate people who fight over something so trivial just state ur opinion and leave it at that
    But if u do reply…

  5. DefoliantProjector Says:

    the beginning of this resembled a team deathmatch warzone. In Bog all those crazy things happen.

  6. SuperGamingSaiyan Says:

    I love this series of vids,thanks NGT!They’re so helpful for new S&D players like me.

  7. BenH4444 Says:

    too much tlkin!

  8. morganraynerphil1 Says:

    @carlosgp1500 ps3 :(

  9. IAmMattHardyMan Says:

    @carlosgp1500 playstation 3

  10. carlosgp1500 Says:

    what console?

  11. artificialrgjdc Says:

    whats everyones ideal weapon? i love the rpg myself. it is very easy to demolish almost everyone with it! my roomie calls me a newbie for using it however who cares. i’m kinda unique maybe! however , at the least i didnt have to pay for the game. i down loaded it 100 % free at mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) a couple days ago

  12. hardtop510 Says:

    @xxZakeriethxx and he isnt doing this gameplans on the same match
    notice how the rounds are different after a round is finished
    you need to show a full match so people can see your mistakes because obviously your doing stupid shit thoughout this whole video

  13. hardtop510 Says:

    @xxZakeriethxx go to GB and search Hyphy32 to see my gb if you think im bad
    and why are you commenting on my comment when i said it 10 months ago . this game is dead and when people played this game this was the stupidest game plan ever .

  14. xxZakeriethxx Says:

    @hardtop510 Yeah dude like your any better? People that have comments like yours are the people that are bad, and talk trash to other people hoping that someway it will boost up your own self-confidence. But NextGenTactics, great video. =)

  15. Spartanjames170 Says:

    @xacidicz unfortunately the ak with either red dot or silencer does as much damage as an mp5 at range the ak is not entirely bad with silencer but it does awful damage at range with silencer while if it has acog or no attachment it does 30 damage at its longest range instead of 20

  16. thez123a Says:

    thanks for the strategy helps alot and i dont know why some people are saying use a silencer because sometimes people use rds for luring people and once more these tutorials are great they help people up there game.

  17. coolvania Says:

    on b you can plant through the wall

  18. Erkansen55 Says:


  19. WarNerveSDMF Says:

    i snub them out there… rofl!!

  20. regxzfs Says:

    G3T C@LL of DuTy M0D3RN W@RF@R3 FREE ViSiT
    mwf2free.blogspot , c0m

  21. k0kett1 Says:

    I like both
    MP5 w/ Red Dot/Silencer
    AK47u no attachment

  22. ciaranrubix Says:

    u retard look at their profile jeez go bck to school

  23. TheBrandon154 Says:

    are u ganna giive us vids for mw2

  24. iTzRaaaGe Says:

    like how you use tactics, unlike most people. (myself).

  25. DividerByZero Says:

    MP5 is better with a silencer, AK-74 is better with no attatchments.

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