Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Search and Destroy Offense Tutorial for Overgrown


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Search and Destroy Offense Tutorial for Overgrown

Wed, Nov 10, 2010

Call of Duty 4 This video is a Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare tutorial for Search and Destroy. These series of videos, which will be provided for ALL Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps, can provide you with effective strategies for improving your Search and Destroy game. Visit our website at where we provide detailed game guides, trophy guides, and multiplayer strategies for games such as Prototype, inFAMOUS, Killzone 2, and Call of Duty: World at War.

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  1. xshadowboyx1 Says:

    @ashevillecb Why advertise mw2 everyone knows its crap….Go outside play football or something… For the anti fan boy comment I subbed

  2. Thedustinjames1 Says:

    I’d love to see some team deathmatch codmw2 i’ve already borrowed some from your offense :D

  3. TheBrit155 Says:

    @OneChosenBoy are you on ps3 if so ill add you and we can rape to gether wat ur psn

  4. OneChosenBoy Says:

    Thanks for these tips,But I love to rush to the house near A,kill everyone there with my p90+silencer.
    I say that best class for S&D is p90-silencer-redtiger,m1911.45-silencer,3x frag,uav jammer,and extreme conditioning.

  5. DestructionCinemaHD Says:

    @SatanSniperWweGirl, Yep. A few months after MW2 came out, lots of people disliked it, so they bought (or continued to play) CoD 4…

    There are more CoD4 players than CoD5

  6. ADEZK Says:

    @xXCellloXx yay!! i 2nd that xD

  7. SharksLoveMuffins Says:

    well obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln park

  8. ashevillecb Says:

    what is everyones favored gun? i really like a rpg personally. its so simple for you to conquer everyone by using it! my roomie calls me a noob for making use of it but who cares. i’m kinda unique i guess! yet at the very least i didnt have to pay for the game. i downloaded it without charge right from mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) the other week

  9. xXCellloXx Says:

    Console Gamer:D:D:D:D tactic tactic tactic but no skill…

  10. Nassis999 Says:

    these old cod4 videos are NGT’s best by far

  11. rattyuk13 Says:


  12. SatanSniperWweGirl Says:

    @NextGenTactics i dont have CoD4 but do alot of ppl still play this game?

  13. Blazer01834 Says:

    Just A helpful tip…but did you know that knifing as your laying down a claymore will automatically stop the animation. And you can start moving again as soon as you knife.

  14. LostTheGaaaaaaame Says:

    @trooper50cal What do you get out of telling people that a certain console is “shit”?

  15. LostTheGaaaaaaame Says:

    @MoOkS187 Some would say youre the one with no skill if you cant spot a claymore. Dont run around corners! EASY.

  16. xnoobhitmanx Says:

    @trooper50cal that is actually not true, i have all tree major consoles and i see them all as equally good the only dissadvantage of having a wii is the fact that the people who created like cod 4-5-6 for wii didnt attempt to stop many glitches and it is easier to glitch wii’s although this is only my opinion

  17. HeyHeyHey021 Says:

    Lol the first round, everyoe had claymore kills

  18. GomezB69 Says:

    @trooper50cal yea tht may b true, but there’s no need to bash it. it jus makes u look like a douche.

  19. trooper50cal Says:

    @zofrea1 i know

  20. trooper50cal Says:

    @GomezB69 its shit

  21. SuperWarof1812 Says:

    i feel like xbox people are jerks

  22. zofrea1 Says:

    @trooper50cal fanboy

  23. GomezB69 Says:

    @trooper50cal Your piont is…

  24. funnsk8er Says:

    Hey If u have 360 whats your gt?

  25. trooper50cal Says:

    @GomezB69 wii is shit

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