Call of Duty 4 – Team Deathmatch 33 (W1200)


Call of Duty 4 – Team Deathmatch 33 (W1200)

Wed, Oct 13, 2010

Call of Duty 4 Watch in better quality here: Juggernaut explained, compliments of Den Kirson: “Juggernaut allows the player to survive one extra bullet’s worth of damage. Stopping Power allows the player to eliminate all enemies with one less bullet each. In a server with eight guys on the other team, “Bullet Damage” has eight times the effectiveness of “Armor Vest”. The ratio of use between Power and Juggernaut is more than ten to one (twenty, thirty to one, maybe). Such a massive majority of players use Stopping Power as if it were an absolute necessity that it truly does become a necessity. The few who use Juggernaut are using it more as a defense against Power rather than a Perk of its own merit. A major problem… the name and the description. “JUGGERNAUT – Extra health” So many still believe that “Juggernaut” increases player health from 100 to 150 or 175 or some such number and that it takes “liek a million shots to kill” (read this yesterday in-game). The very name perpetuates disdain against it and sends the wrong message as to how it works. “Juggernaut” sounds cool and all, but its coded name “Armor Vest” and proper description “Absorbs some damage from enemy gunfire.” would be much less discriminated against, even if it still worked the same exact way. I almost never use Juggernaut because it is a… weak perk. Goes well with the Dragunov for countersniping but in a close fight it is far more likely to lose against multiple enemies than Stopping


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  1. PyroFrozen Says:

    Obviously, Infinity Ward didn’t watch this because the spawns in CoD: WaW SUCK

  2. Lalro5775 Says:

    old pumpy or old humpy?

  3. baserocket Says:

    I’m curious as to what his “BILLY MAYS HERE” class is.

    Also, funny class names.

  4. OMGItsJousis Says:

    @BioMaterialz Fail means to not succeed or to lose. So, what you’re saying is it doesn’t kill people because it kills them so easily. Do you ever see somebody running around with this gun? I don’t. It is much easier to spray and pray with a fully automatic weapon than one-shot kill somebody. We can do without the name-calling.

  5. RedFlyingTurtle Says:

    O blame truth only if modern warfare 2 was out b4 this video you would have said i love the spawns in this game lol

  6. BioMaterialz Says:

    @OMGItsJousis Yeah, the reason it is fail is because it is so easy to use and so powerful like a fucking n00b gun. Dumbass.

  7. PBTtime Says:

    The only reason that you should complain about Juggernaut would be if it were used in conjunction of Last Stand. Nuff sed.

  8. OMGItsJousis Says:

    Yeah, I just had this one BS moment where I got 4 juggernaut hitmarkers on the same guy with a sniper rifle. I was right on front of him, and he was prone, not moving. M40A3 ACOG with stopping power… That’s like 105 damage, juggernaut means you have 140 health, and it took 4 bullets to kill him.
    Other than that moment I have no problem with juggernaut.

  9. GamerKid307 Says:

    Ol’ Humpy has become too saggy bro. :(

  10. kranker45 Says:

    oin my clan and subscribe read rules My youtube channel

  11. SuperCommander77 Says:

    so u just goin 2 let that guy run away or u didnt feel lik chasin him

  12. georgiasqk Says:

    i positively love this game. i managed to get it the other day 100 % free from mw2forfreeSinfo (replace S with .) and put to use the funds i ended up saving to buy a brand new greater mouse. i think i’m not bad but mostly thanks to the mouse i bought

  13. nnnbbbmmm79 Says:

    good vid. great game. don’t get too pridefull, just a bit of wisdom for ya. the game is just that. a game. wish the best to ya buddy. peace.

  14. delta3792 Says:

    i use my slieght of hand or uav jammer never tryed jug next time ! ^_^

  15. ih82red Says:

    To all the snipers who complain about juggernaut: I quickscope with the M40 sometimes and I don’t use acog and it is still a 1 hit to the chest even if the have jug. So shut the fuck up and learn how to hit them above their legs. Thanks

  16. TheTownfan12 Says:

    your are the best player

  17. LiamFTW1996 Says:

    Hey blame what would you say is better for w1200 double tap or UAV jammer? I like UAV jammer but I always die if there is two guys because the guy has to pump so I was leaning towards double tap what would you say?

  18. 8264D Says:

    what should i put on my ak47 red dot or silencer and what perks and camo could you make a video to show people what to put on the ak47

  19. pishard Says:

    stopping power and steady aim make a perfect match! =P

  20. MW2GAMERZ100 Says:

    @sixlinewrasse infinaty ward is not doing black ops it is treyarc insted

  21. Gabe6767 Says:


    makes it pump faster=about shot rate of m1014

  22. starrfox111 Says:

    they didnt make the spawn system worse they made a whole new type and it sucks balls

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