Call of Duty 4: Team Deathmatch 50 (AK-74u/M4 Carbine)


Call of Duty 4: Team Deathmatch 50 (AK-74u/M4 Carbine)

Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4: Team Deathmatch 50 (AK-74u/M4 Carbine) Player: Blame Truth Game Mode: Team Deathmatch Map: Crossfire AK-74u – No Attachment Bandolier Stopping Power Steady Aim Final Score: 24-0 FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: call of duty [4] cod4 cod multiplayer tutorial strategies tips modern warfare [2] pro mlg gameplay gamebattles gun map team deathmatch tdm blame truth Call of Duty “Duty 4″ cod4 Modern Warfare MW UPC 882224355254 MPN 83399 Infinity Ward Activision yt:quality=high


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  1. BIGDDOG95 Says:

    bust my bununs? lol

  2. ranDUMBcomment Says:

    Mw2 sucks storyline is good but online it’s just…not good. Call of Duty 4 is better in multiplayer.

  3. DoctahJ22 Says:

    DUDE you fucking rock

  4. EDDIE117ify Says:

    got 2 luv dis game 20 times better dan mw2

  5. c5firestarter Says:

    In the File Section of Aries-Films you can download everything you need to create your videos and go even further. Only direct links…Just Google For Aries-Films…

  6. rscanonrock Says:

    @mussefele you cant pick wat killstreaks u want

  7. TheBen2005 Says:

    i love the m4 carbine

  8. Olellsk8fb Says:

    How du you film you videos??

  9. mussefele Says:

    what is your kill streak ?

  10. heroman1996 Says:

    He doesnt use the fucking helicopter

  11. michealconnor Says:

    hay dude…u wana play sum real call of duty…try to get on to a south african server if you can! we got sum of the best players around on hardcore servers…..peace out man, PervySage

  12. Angelious0 Says:

    @dabest691 hell yeah and the maps r 2 damn big

  13. rosamedina18 Says:

    WOW ur really good, im not that good i just started playing and i love this game, =D you should add me my GT is RoSiChIcK

  14. WowzaBoyz Says:

    well, not if you’ve never played it. you’re gonna have a tough time with the kill streaks not being so powerful.

  15. Gokua12 Says:

    Your a camper.

  16. Aaron5281 Says:

    Yo you got mad skills keep on keeping on check me out On Xbox live my gamertag is Aaron2328 im getting call of duty mordern warfare soon

  17. warqe1996 Says:

    very niie 5/5

  18. ExtraCheese67 Says:

    yeah but unlike mw 2 you have to unlock it in the 50′s

  19. Gokua12 Says:

    Should I get this? I’ve already gotten MW2 and beaten it, but this game looks pretty fun too.

  20. chakkers Says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get as good as the folk who post their vids up here, I play too much when I should be doing more important things as it is! lol. I agree with your thoughts about the match up system, when I was playing earlier a few games seemed ridiculously one sided. And one game I joined mid-way and we were just sitting ducks, picked off as soon as we spawned. After 3 instant kills I checked the scores to see I was the only one on my team left! The others buggered off! 6 vs 1. lol

  21. chakkers Says:

    Nicely done. Very envious of players who can make it all look so effortless. :) I’m dead new to playing online, (seriously, i’ve not even been playing online a month yet) and so jumping into MW2 3 weeks ago, was quite a challenge, as I am undoubtably a n00b, but i’m making steady progress. Now I have switched to COD4 for a break and I actually much prefer it. I have no idea where I’m going half the time as i’m so not familiar with the maps yet, but I’m doing much better by comparison.

  22. shiterksu Says:

    I just found similiar stuff on site with great guides. You can see it on CodCheat(.)com

  23. nightshade664 Says:

    you know they sell it for Wii

  24. koenbiersma1 Says:

    wtf? do the have a barret in mw 1 ?!

  25. zany1poo Says:

    the good ole days.

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