Call of Duty 5 “Black Cats”


Call of Duty 5 “Black Cats”

Fri, Dec 31, 2010


Cod 5 Black cats mission on veteran **Update** any more comments advertising site to download Games will be deleted


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  1. MasonZstudios Says:

    @thesecretPua01 The cannon shells explode on impact.

  2. TheJoey3590 Says:

    @Impulse116 yes i agree, the plane would of been shot done, or at least some suicidal planes crash into you.
    Overall the mission was fun.

  3. MrAaron542 Says:

    @thesecretPua01 blows the near-bow and middle part of that ****ing ships

  4. minestra1988 Says:


  5. Lumpy15120 Says:

    My favorite mission in this game!!!

  6. sillypotato9067 Says:

    I hate that other waw don’t have this level

  7. ChooseCheese127 Says:

    and to think this all started yesterday in 1941

  8. RDarthur91 Says:

    @WindGod12 PC

  9. Impulse116 Says:

    its so unreal. that plane would already be shot down in begining. If allied planes had such power war would be ended during 1st year

    anyway its clishe playing allied side. when we can play axis campaings? But i am sure it will produce lot of buthurt from people, many zombies have alergy to such stuff.

    But anyway bgreat game ww2 MOH and COD rules, modern war game SUX

  10. MrWafflehouse99 Says:

    7:59 WTF Behr Grilles?

  11. GRSuperChris Says:

    @Aiv4n well both of you had been taking bullet fire, and his hand was injured as well. Are you taking about the hat? It may have been Petrenko’s he wears one just like it in Black Ops.

  12. GRSuperChris Says:

    easiest mission in the whole game. Why, you say? Well, isn’t it obvious? No fucking grenades!

  13. Kennychan222 Says:

    tthis video can increase my adrenaline and lead me to view the photos of a couple (bf and gf) when i am playing this mission. . It is the best way to express your feeling if your girl got bf!

  14. junkyrobot236 Says:

    I think Treyach develops better Call of Duty games than Infinity ward although COD MW wasn’t bad compared to its sequel.

  15. DASPEN666Devil Says:

    @WindGod12 Wii sucks for this kind of games I have the pc version but a guy invited me to play it on the wii and its empty compared to the PC, x360 and PS3 vers.

  16. WindGod12 Says:

    this wasn’t on the wii version!
    where is this..

  17. S0N0FLIBERTY Says:

    @thesecretPua01 have you ever seen a 20mm round? particularly HE or AP?

  18. S0N0FLIBERTY Says:

    @Cobra114ever no way. This actually took balls.

  19. Cobra114ever Says:

    AC-130 is better XD

  20. Riseofshano Says:

    @thesecretPua01 not to mention masses of fuel on those ships.

  21. USSWISCONSIN64 Says:

    This is my Favorite mission of the whole game.

  22. YasserCrackafat Says:

    @thesecretPua01 The Browning M2 fires .50BMG not 20mm.

  23. DaNumber1Matt Says:

    I love this mission but they don’t have it on the wii version WTF?

  24. suzanneblbkjt Says:

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  25. constantsandieo Says:

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