Call of Duty 5 (World at War) Mission 4 “Vendetta” Part 1of2


Call of Duty 5 (World at War) Mission 4 “Vendetta” Part 1of2

Thu, Mar 25, 2010


Part 1, Full version (PC)

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  1. minxkitty8 Says:

    its pc did u see the arrow at the beginning?

  2. oliver2555 Says:


    No it is PC. It says so in the description.

  3. baseaballfan634 Says:

    is this wii?

  4. retardoaf69 Says:

    u serious coz i was new to da game n tried to beat it on veteran i constantly got screwd over by that sniper fag

  5. srbijaboi Says:

    Cod 5 is good game if u like it buy it online gameplay is very nice :) on steam just 49euro

  6. Ulolnapinas Says:

    @Ulolnapinas i mean uve no limits

  7. miciso666 Says:

    pc can also have shitty virusses -,-, yes 2 of my pcs crashed thanx to it -,-, cod 5 beats 4 easily

  8. MyHoihoi Says:

    its just like a movie
    a sad movie

  9. Agomongo1235 Says:

    pc beats all it even has som of the x360 exclusive games then ps3 is next on my list

  10. Knobydobs Says:

    gr8 graphics 4 a game cant tell the difference somtimes

  11. 7megaboy7 Says:

    @malacueva you are the noob

  12. Ulolnapinas Says:

    no its nou actually(only for playin games)on pc u get all this kinda laggs and the newer the games come out the better parts u need so u will be able to play them which on xbox or ps3 u dont have NO LIMITS

  13. HotChocolateK Says:

    well pc is kinda the best cosole you can ever have so far its easy too very simple not complicated its great

  14. stazina1989 Says:

    i did it on veteren and it was very eazy for me u just need too pactise

  15. malacueva Says:

    “lol, he used “MOUSE” noob, pc.

  16. TheOwnageburst Says:


  17. SCREAMOGUY16 Says:

    nope but thats were they got their name from haha or the movie one of em :)

  18. TheOwnageburst Says:

    Ok but have you read the book before?

  19. xkevino123456 Says:

    at ps3 or xbox 360

  20. SCREAMOGUY16 Says:

    im talking about the band search for them :P

  21. TheOwnageburst Says:

    I am talking about the book Of Mice and Men search for it on google.

  22. SCREAMOGUY16 Says:

    what you dont know who OM&M is who doesnt know who they are they are the madest post hardcore band ever

  23. deatho10o Says:

    I need one with veteran…its freaking impossible to do it on veteran!!

  24. TheOwnageburst Says:


  25. SCREAMOGUY16 Says:

    of mice and men is the madest fuken band

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