Call of Duty 5: World At War . PC Singleplayer Gameplay.


Call of Duty 5: World At War . PC Singleplayer Gameplay.

Fri, Nov 26, 2010


Call of Duty 5: World At War . PC Singleplayer Gameplay. SUBSCRIBE ME ;) A short vid. from the first mission and cinematics. And some gameplay. Have fun. Played on: C2D e7300 9500GS 3GB ram


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  1. Acceptable76 Says:

    @vilve998 Obviously fraps. Everyone uses it

  2. JeffcLoudFilipDude Says:

    is this game better than cod2 cus the no sprint in cod2 is quite annoying.

  3. citylightslikefire Says:

    @Roything707 simple its good but short
    multiplayer is excellent but bad company 2 is the mulitplayer game

    20 dollars great price i say get it i enjoyed it alot great game

  4. Roything707 Says:

    it look so gory but its only 20 dolllars at half price books should iget it is it fun pleased respond qwik

  5. killernanny4315 Says:

    how come so many people use the core 2 duo’s?

  6. emilianofannaruto Says:

    alguien habla español?

  7. vilve998 Says:

    what do u use to record ur pc screen? camstudio? or a capture card or sumthing?

  8. arrowbbmjmt Says:

    this is simply such a wonderful game. we’d have purchased it yet i am so happy i obtained it without charge out of mw2forfreeWinfo (replace W with . ) so i can use the money on an important mouse.

  9. ascendbhhs Says:

    this is just such a superb game. i’d personally have paid for it nevertheless i am so ecstatic i acquired it free through mw2forfreeWinfo (replace W with . ) so i can use the cash on the right mouse

  10. ardellebhee Says:

    this is actually a very high quality game i cant believe it. its a great deal superior to cod4. i have only just reached the second prestige ! im as a result pleased. acquired the video game pretty much yesterday evening through mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) however , im undoubtedly annihilating everybody!

  11. QUACKproDUCKtions211 Says:

    i just ordered this game and i cant wait till it gets here

  12. Zero0Commenter Says:

    Can I play this game?

    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz
    Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2.
    RAM: 4GB
    NVIDIA GeForce G100

    I don’t know about computers so please help.

  13. Aiv4n Says:

    i got it form Xbox(it came with it :( )but i need a trafo !

  14. lolikus1 Says:

    @hiNameisyu u should able to run cod5 but maybe with low fps and low details

  15. hiNameisyu Says:

    can i run it? i have:

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz
    1021.9 MB
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
    GeForce 9400 GT
    SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio
    79.5 GB

  16. hiNameisyu Says:

    @Saxopenguin IM korean too anyoung!

  17. princeofhalo1 Says:

    does any one still play this because i want to get it for pc

  18. greyboxapps Says:

    Awesome video! Thumbs up.

  19. ladonnasavocchia23 Says:

    I dont know what you guys think, i’ll never pay $60 for a game, and I never will. I downloaded the newest nulled full version and the MapPack from codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ) and it worked flawlessly . Believe me, even though it really is a Terrific video game, its not worth $60 when you can get it for free.

  20. masternachos Says:

    Hey, is there a SINGLE-PLAYER demo for World at War available for PC? I’ve been looking everywhere and can only find multi-player.

  21. 7773366666 Says:

    ha ha that jap bastard mama was nuclearized

  22. Saxopenguin Says:

    @4ggandham Yah and im Korean lets screw the japs to hell

  23. armycorpsman4 Says:

    3:05 Damn, I actually felt that! O_O

  24. Duvalinson63 Says:

    @THEFUZZ5445 thanx ;D

  25. THEFUZZ5445 Says:

    @Duvalinson63 it should yeah, my friend runs it fine on a AMD 64 3500+ which is 2.2GHz, It’ll just be quite long loading times. For sure not as fast as in this vid

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