Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough 15 Downfall Veteran Gameplay HD


Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough 15 Downfall Veteran Gameplay HD

Thu, May 6, 2010


Want more? Visit: This video is part of attila16′s Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough. This Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough is set on Veteran Difficulty level. It aim at helping other players that may have difficulties to finish some level at that difficulty. It also aim at being fun to watch. It also serve as a kind of review to help player choose if they want to buy of not the game by offering good gameplay video of it, offering a good performance by Attila16. Enjoy this Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channels: + Attila16: + Dateyourgame: .

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  1. old0snaeck Says:

    thes is not veteran

  2. Pipwig12345 Says:

    Here’s a tip for people who might like it. Once you have to clear the parliament floor, go to the top floor, go to the right hall, you’ll find a sniper, then go down to the end, and there is extra ammo, then snipe the enemies from the top floor, crouching and prone is recommended, once you clear a large amount, then only around 2 enemies with guns and 1 enemy with a flamethrower should respawn every few seconds, then you go down and destroy the eagle, note there are also extra molotov cocktails.

  3. TheMAUTIN Says:

    At the end they should have said THIS IS NOW SPARTA!

  4. HonorGuard117 Says:

    I effin’ swear, man, the beginning of this level is one of the hardest parts of all… Trying to get past the beginning is the closest you’ll ever get to throwing your controller at the TV, man.

  5. pikasid1 Says:

    @Fitzcard all right all right calm down
    is it in the game though?

  6. Fitzcard Says:

    Wish other CoD games was as good as this one. Opening up on someone close range and watching limbs fly off might be sadist, but damn it feels good. I mean it’s card carrying National Socialist members, killing them will never go out of style

  7. Fitzcard Says:

    @pikasid1 sure they did, you stuck a grenade on a mount on the end of your riffle then you’ld put a grenade round into the chamber of your gun. Basically a blank bullet to “shoot” the pineapple at the target. There have been grenade launchers since the chinese started using them over 1000 years ago

  8. digimonownd Says:

    @listy555 lolz i always get ambushed by a circle of grenades in my screen

  9. pikasid1 Says:

    @hadley713 yeah but in world war 2 i dont think they had grenade launchers

  10. L221L Says:

    I’m quite surprised that he has to shoot on several occasions the same person twice after shooting them in the chest with the PTRS-41. That thing fires a 14.5x114mm round (meaning the case length is 4.5in long). It’s quite a bit bigger then the .50BMG which is only 12.7x99mm. The poor sods would probably be blown in half from that range, let alone only to stagger for a few seconds and start firing again! XD

  11. hadley713 Says:

    It would be great if we have noob tubes

  12. pashtetino1 Says:

    @listy555 it is veteran cause he red many times))

  13. antsman14 Says:

    the music in this level is sick

  14. DebbieChic Says:

    My favorite game. I’m now better than all my friends after I got the guide free from videogamestrategyguides (.) net

  15. pOpCoRn0531 Says:

    @TheFlyingPineapple I flew by in hardened. Veteran really kicked my butt in this game.

  16. pOpCoRn0531 Says:

    @chitchatrj NOT IT’S NOT. One hits would make the screen all red in a snap. Also, the intense German MG suppressing fire on the Reichstag hall stage isn’t anywhere to be found. This suggest it’s either Regular or Hardened at most. Pay attention you m*r*n.

  17. pOpCoRn0531 Says:

    F-A-K-E One hit shots would’ve made your screen all red which is not the case in your video you g*y f*g!

  18. pOpCoRn0531 Says:

    F-A-K-E! ! !

  19. necros782 Says:

    the ending is so fucking badass. it is such an honor to see that disgusting German flag fall for the Soviet Union to take over.

  20. chitchatrj Says:

    If you move fast enough you dont get that many but it requires skill. Also you can hear the grenades in the background hit the ground. Also he only takes 4 hits and almost dies. So i think its veteran.

  21. 829kevin Says:

    its not veteran but maybe the person playing was lol

  22. woutiepautie Says:

    lol this is fake, on veteran there are grenades everywhere….

  23. gearsofhalotheftauto Says:

    Veteran? My ass. It may be Hardened because in Veteran, ALL enemies focus on YOU and get a pile load GRENADES being thrown at you just like that. So many damn grenades that you’ll have to keep changing spots and get your ass shot. Idk if that guy is using mods or w/e but it aint like the Veteran we play. Maybe the PS3 or Xbox360 versions are harder but that walkthrough didnt help sorry. No tips or strategies shown whatsoever.

  24. TheFlyingPineapple Says:

    Veteran is hard because of the sheer amount of grenades!

  25. GregY788 Says:

    w00t just got the new MW2 Map Pack for PS3!

    got it here:


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