Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough – Nazi Zombies – Nacht der Untoten Part 1- Gameplay HD


Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough – Nazi Zombies – Nacht der Untoten Part 1- Gameplay HD

Sun, May 9, 2010


Want more? Visit: This video is part of attila16′s Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough. This Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough. It aim at helping other players that may have difficulties to finish some level. It also aim at being fun to watch. It also serve as a kind of review to help players choose if they want to buy of not the game by offering good gameplay video of it, offering a good performance by Attila16. Enjoy this Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channels: + Attila16: + Dateyourgame: .


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  1. WrSxiLeGiinD Says:

    haha yeah i kept doing the same thing

  2. laa306 Says:

    i once got the ray gun for the ipod version

  3. jamestwin204 Says:

    @SmashBrosBrawl yd he waist his fg42 ammo on the instakill instead of the thommy 16:56

  4. jamestwin204 Says:

    if i were u id waist the thommy instead of the fg42 ammo on the insta kill 6:58

  5. Bioshock006991 Says:

    wow your good my highest so far is 11 rounds and wat is call of duty black ops?

  6. dragonballz798 Says:

    @bayramkara95 it will be in call of duty black ops

  7. MyMindIsLevel Says:

    Tip: After level 3, DON’T kill all the zombies. Leave one alive (make sure it’s a slow one). Kill the rest. Why do you need to leave one slow zombie alive? Because the game doesn’t create any more zombies intill you kill ALL of the the current zombies. So if you have just one slow zombie walking around, that gives you plenty of time to get new weapons, get more ammo, and to rebuild the windows. After you’ve done all of that, you can kill the zombie. Repeat this on every level of the game.

  8. FullM3tal7ack3t Says:

    awsome this will be in COD Black Ops :D

  9. Darkdude38 Says:

    Wow that was awsome stragiy not opening the help door makes the zombies come slower unlike opening the stairs than the door

  10. 10thModder Says:

    10TH MOD FOR COD5 FOR FREE !!!!!!

    MESSAGE ( ii aM TaLenTeD ) For Your Free Inivte !!!!

  11. JASOND198326 Says:

    extra points for knifing. I go throught the first 2-3 levels with just the knife .

  12. 101deathmaster Says:

    you know wat they should give you the ablity to sell wepons for points

  13. SmashBrosBrawl Says:

    dont tell me what to do you communist

  14. matse109 Says:

    @DrWafflesXD yes and the with the kar98 you can kill a zombie in one shoot plus that its better at long range

  15. bionicleguru2 Says:

    @SmashBrosBrawl just turn off annotations.

  16. DrWafflesXD Says:

    @matse109 Agreed. If you’re really skilled you can survive to the appropriate level 5. M1A1 Carbine is just a waste of points since it runs out of ammo quicker than the Kar98 D:

  17. Ness1228 Says:

    @SmashBrosBrawl 100% agreed there.

  18. cucumber288 Says:

    who do you play as, petrenko or miller

  19. 999376 Says:

    Here in this Video: Hold B to rebuild the barrier
    Xbox 360: Hold X to rebuild the barrier

  20. TheJrpenguin Says:

    @SmashBrosBrawl is it pc version?

  21. xAmarantex Says:

    i always get the M1A1 carbine first its way better

  22. TheDarkStormShadow Says:

    my highest level was 15 by myself n then 2 wit me n my friend

  23. cdixon0407 Says:


  24. SmashBrosBrawl Says:

    why would you make the entire video screen a link?
    This is gay because alot of people click the video to pause it.

  25. SmashBrosBrawl Says:

    Oh realy,
    i didnt know there was a “B” button the PS3

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