Call of Duty 5 – Zombie SOLO Level 62 (no glitches/cheats)


Call of Duty 5 – Zombie SOLO Level 62 (no glitches/cheats)

Fri, Jul 2, 2010


WITHOUT using any glitches or cheats. just running round using raygun and flamethrower. obviously not gonna post video of every level. NEW Xbox competition: Just to clear up: No i dont have infinite ammo. the video quality is crap but my ammo for the raygun does go down. I got max ammo few times. and the flamethrower has unlimited ammo.

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  1. kribu7 Says:

    @mattisawsumish Don’t think so!!

  2. ProOmgHeadshot Says:

    “please check my nazi zombiess mystery sniper cabinet video”

  3. armoredgummybear117 Says:

    @iAmTheNobleSteed he came in from upstairs couch without opening the door dumbass

  4. iAmTheNobleSteed Says:

    pause at 5:47 and look to the right…the door is closed…WTF??

  5. SightlyAbyss Says:

    @paidassasin123 rule 3 Seatbelts everyone!

  6. paidassasin123 Says:

    @SightlyAbyss rule #2 in zombie land….. double tap!!!!

  7. SightlyAbyss Says:

    rule number 1 in zombie land….. CARDIO!

  8. legitbullshit Says:

    @Sadso23 so, i bet the highest you could get is level 20

  9. wsbbkc05 Says:


  10. Spartan0430 Says:

    @FuzyMarine lol furthest me and my friend ever got to was 14 roflmao! this is whut we do: buy the, as we call it, the mystery room (cuz it has the box) by wave 4, than at the end of wave 6 we go upstairs and we hide in the grenade spot lol. we usually die at around wave 11 because we had to reload XD

  11. TheBlueUmbreon Says:

    @carmad59 well, yes… if you can read it says Press and hold F to rebuild Barrier…

    How can’t you tell?

  12. zachstax Says:

    nice man best i got way 60 i always fk up at 60 :( oh well ill keep trying till i get past it… thanks for the vid really helped me alot…

  13. TheIvan9009 Says:

    thats were i stay wen i play solo it actually a good hiding spot

  14. FuzyMarine Says:

    lawl, best me and a friend can reach is wav 21 XD i like ur ring a roses method

  15. madv14 Says:

    they’re look a guy lets eat him and i’ll be like fuck *ray gunning zombies* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggg

  16. Ostrichnightmare Says:

    Everyone who is saying he level skips SHUT UP HES SHORTENING THE VIDEO DUMBASSES great video by the way 10/10

  17. Sadso23 Says:

    @Gdawg1516 so what he doged a few zombies and got lucky, the zombies on nacht der untoten do not attack unless they are next 2 u and are standing still so on this map it is easy 2 doge like tht

  18. LDKBBAB Says:

    Where’s the damn waffler when you need it!?

  19. carmad59 Says:

    dis is pc isnt it you can just tell

  20. LeGeNdaRYSNIP3R23 Says:

    THAT was sick your the best at nazi zombies, its funny cuz all you do is run around in a circle and look back and just spray that ray gun haha :)

  21. Betoooo467 Says:

    Wat About The Help Door To The Left …?

  22. 80GameBox08 Says:

    @Kanoah3408 your wrong :D

  23. davematthewsblows Says:

    good stuff. the main thing i like about nazi zombies is you can never really win.

  24. jrod246991 Says:

    wow 181 people missed the like button

  25. UrineDenial239 Says:

    @InsanexGamerx lolz. You are the noob that obviously doesn’t understand a simple thing called, “Video Editing”. YouTube only allows a certain amount of length for the videos that have been uploaded. Obviously couldn’t have shown the entire video.

  26. xxGODxxOFxxCODxx Says:

    i got to level 999 take that u fucking shit ass

  27. xxGODxxOFxxCODxx Says:

    i got to level 999 so beat if u can u suck fuckin balls

  28. shivan Says:

    you have no life

  29. soulreaper Says:

    props dude

  30. libor Says:

    call of duty black ops wery god game

  31. libor Says:

    call of duty black ops wery god game

  32. Casey7289798 Says:

    Just because most of you cant get past level 5 doesnt mean you have to hate on people better than you, BlackOps is pretty much my 24/7 activity. great video.

  33. ivan Says:

    dam you did use glitches at the begining i bet fucken lier

  34. 7onof Says:

    No he had not used glitches I can survive with 1cheat and who wants cheats write in console devmap nazi_zombie_prototype and UFO

  35. kingofzombiefighter Says:

    liar you didnt buy that door but still you pass through it i think you cheat mother fucker

  36. Game Cheat Says:

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