Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 – Cutscene Compilation pt.1


Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 – Cutscene Compilation pt.1

Tue, Apr 6, 2010


This is a cutscene compilation for the game Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2. The rest of the videos in this series (my channel): Developer (credit goes to:) check out the link if your interested in buying the game from the developers and support them!

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  1. beckyosgood9265526 Says:

    I really dont know about you all, but I’ve never paid $60 for a PC game, and I am never going to. I dled the latest nulled full version and also the map pack from codmw2freedl com and it worked really well . Believe me, even though it’s a Fantastic video game, it is not worth $60 when you can get it for free.

  2. MrDount Says:

    NO ONE likes the new you tube ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ layout CHANGE IT BACK YOU TUBE
    if you see this and support this copy and paste it on every video you watch

  3. Faraway Says:

    where is part 2, man?

  4. kmg12222222222222222 Says:


  5. Ipwnallnoobs89 Says:

    Great video man Im doing similiar stuff and i use tools from CodCheat(.)com they are helpful

  6. MrASCADER Says:

    yep. thats me.

  7. FightIrishFan10 Says:

    The guy that did the music for this is amazing, he did the music for sherlock holmes and sixth sense and the Dark Knight. Hans Zimmer is the man

  8. XboxKenny1992 Says:

    i use to say gta sa was the best game ever made now i think its this just my opinion thought :O !!!

  9. NeedaBettrName Says:

    lol, i bet many ppl too haha

  10. isu1997 Says:

    my names soap mactavish

  11. PivotWithCake Says:

    i did

  12. zerker12568901 Says:

    I bet many people wet their pants watching the introduction when they got the game for the 1st time, lol :P

  13. kmg12222222222222222 Says:

    hehe when i see the intro at the start of this video, i just felt like pushing the ‘Intro’ button lol

  14. plastazone Says:

    When I see the intro at the start of this video, I just felt like pushing the ‘A’ button. :)

  15. MrJester10 Says:

    Its the FNG sir. What the hell kind of name is soap? The dude who made this video from IW is pretty good at it

  16. 1337acecombat Says:

    BECUASE SOAP AND PRICE ARE GANGSTERS and sheperd just wanted pwoer and to be knonw in history for saving america form the russains even thou hes the one who brought the war hes fault TF-141 did the right thing by killing them bu the us rangers were just listing to coamands they were never bad and mad there no marines shwoing in mw2

  17. 1337acecombat Says:

    rember to ur right but another clue he said no RUSSIAN at the begging of mission

  18. SkaterOle Says:

    I dont remember, but i think he was just trying to find some code to stop the explosion, or maybe that was CoD4.. I got to play both games again :)

  19. kmg12222222222222222 Says:

    Yeah and in Just like old times mission when u escape from the cave when is exploding Price was in other PC while u used the other to open the doors right? i think price was looking for Intel against Shepherd… but is more exciting to play as a Most Wanted guy :D

  20. SkaterOle Says:

    I know, he wanted to start the war. Then win it. And then become a war hero. TF-141 would have found that out when reading/watching what the intel was containing. Thats why he killed them and tried to kill the rest of emm to.

  21. kmg12222222222222222 Says:

    Well he gave info to Makarov for example: he told him than Allen was american, so he is responsable of the russian fail invasion.

  22. kmg12222222222222222 Says:

    he escaped, cause in the mission The enemy of my enemy (when we see for last time his troops) if u don’t shoot anyone appears than Makarov’s guys win the battle, so yes he maybe escaped…

  23. DarkandLightGaias Says:

    k. i don’t have CoD 4 that’s why i don’t understand.

  24. CaptainSeadog1326 Says:

    what happens to makarov, i beat the game, but did he die or escape???

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