Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay video


Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay video

Wed, Aug 18, 2010


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  1. thegregramirez Says:

    Since everybody already got the game no one wants to see this stuff anymore:(

  2. TaddeusAskew66335 Says:

    This is an excellent game, I got it for free here: FINDGAMES4FREE (.) COM

  3. magier92 Says:

    its the same idiot

  4. Blaaack1 Says:

    It’s not Call of Duty 6, its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  5. FourCpride Says:

    Sorry to say, that pre-ordered copies are already sold out nvm people that didnt pre-order, well thats in canada at least.

  6. billard789 Says:

    i hope i can come up with the $60 bucks for it.

  7. joec456 Says:

    know one cares about the campaign

  8. rebmeced81 Says:

    this make COD5 look lame

  9. rebmeced81 Says:

    this looks like it will b the best of the call of dutys EVER!!!!!!!

  10. TheHaza555 Says:

    i cant wait for it

  11. kalai333 Says:

    this we will be the best videogame to come out in 20 years

  12. penolosa67 Says:

    i think we know

  13. penolosa67 Says:

    OMG cant wait for cod 6 woot ill beast on ya all XD

  14. articho8 Says:


  15. pieking28 Says:

    can’t wait W00T 11/10/09

  16. 959595alex Says:

    the name of the song is Clubbed To Death

  17. stevenb789 Says:


  18. badboyscotty96 Says:

    this looks sick m8

  19. marrecek1 Says:

    great game __- I really looking forward to it

  20. jozyblade Says:

    artist:rob D from matrix soundtrack

  21. zagnash Says:

    its not even released yet dumbass

  22. gasmaskhalo3 Says:

    go to CODWAW cheaters…… and COD IV cheaters or just click on my name and look at them cause they r cheaters and we gamers should do something cause xbox live is not doing nothing as far as i can see… leave it to the REAL gamers not the rent-a-gamer!!!

  23. 959595alex Says:

    sale el 10 de noviembre (en españa)

  24. 959595alex Says:

    el juego en españa sale el 10 de noviembre

  25. DarkTycon Says:

    cuando sale el juego?

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