Call of duty 6 Modern warfare 2 level 3 part 1/1


Call of duty 6 Modern warfare 2 level 3 part 1/1

Fri, Feb 4, 2011



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  1. areawidelinettefn Says:

    I feel the AK-47 is the better weapon in the game. i very much enjoy search and destroy on this weapon. i totally clean up your opposing base and after that blow these folks away while i utilize this gun! everyone got the latest map pack yet? its extraordinary i have just downloaded it off mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) a few days ago myself

  2. dionrijsoord Says:

    Xbox 360

  3. dionrijsoord Says:

    Master cod modern warfare foor my

  4. shadowdylan Says:

    xbox 360 is good becuse there is lots of game on it

  5. deimoscraz Says:

    how can people play thi on computer its just to dif

  6. MegaUtubedude Says:

    good vid im subscribin cya!

  7. Jeesus353 Says:

    @UrA55IsD3AD no on easiest lol xD

  8. UrA55IsD3AD Says:

    did you beat it on veteran?

  9. worldsawayonandon Says:


  10. Jeesus353 Says:

    i completed the game with ~5 hours…it’s too short imo

  11. burtonsnowboarder09 Says:

    thats cool. 5 stars

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