Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 ” MULTIPLAYER Perks and weapons first footage!


Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 ” MULTIPLAYER Perks and weapons first footage!

Thu, May 6, 2010


JOIN THIS FACE GROUP AND INV ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! First multiplayer footage of the next game in the Call Of Duty Series: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 .


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  1. runebumper Says:

    ffs its not call of duty 6 its are call of duty4:modern warfare 2

  2. Readdy2G0 Says:

    this is cool but my knife throwing montage will blow ur minds, i promise…check it out and tell me what u think

  3. darkjake80 Says:

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    about an hour ago

  4. caydeegean9052981 Says:

    I’ve truly been playing MW2 since release! I finally dled the brand new Map Pack from codmw2freedlXcom (replace X with . ) , and I have to say that these brand-new maps are a ! You HAVE to read the instructions to make it work with steam, so that you can play with your buddies like i have been doing.

  5. Iowningall89 Says:

    Oh man you are new at this stuff read basic bible of every cod player at CodCheat(.)com it should brighten your stuff

  6. 2k8bomb Says:

    Yeah the scrambler basically does the opposite of what it does. It’s supposed to make it so that the enemy can’t see you on the minimap but it’s basically an indicator to the enemy that you’re near them.

  7. SW0681 Says:

    @KSMCommander02 and comes pretty close to martydom

  8. TheLongboarder100 Says:

    true dat

  9. KSMCommander02 Says:

    I would say that scrambler is the worst perk ever because when your radar is jammed without the guy saying that we’ve been EMP or counter-uaved that means an enemie is near you.

  10. marksman24444 Says:

    acr for the win i got for my main class
    ACR with red dot(working for holografic)
    M9(working for tactical knife) and some perks i forgot :D

  11. RubinaScales19488 Says:

    This is a wonderful game, I downloaded it online for free at: FINDGAMES4FREE COM

  12. ripper3125 Says:

    I hate how when you’re dieing in this game the “Blood” gets all over your screen. It’s hard to see with that stuff on it! I liked how they did it in the old COD’s

  13. Pondus551 Says:


  14. monsterhunter2009 Says:

    he has copyed the video from the oficial xbox magazine christmas issue!!!!!!

  15. dakillaiskewl Says:

    well its the 6th call of duty but if u tell any1 call of duty 6 then will know u r refering to call of duty modern warfare 2

  16. dakillaiskewl Says:


  17. FPVsean Says:

    no, only the m16, but its 3 round burst still…

  18. CizmaST Says:

    Are XM8, REC 7,H&K 416,Grendel and auto M16 in multiplayer?!

  19. FrequentSnacker Says:

    so maybe there will be a mw3???

  20. haradiga Says:

    how to play a MULTIPLAYER

  21. JCH5000 Says:

    if u pause at 1:00 u can see all the way to the right half of a 3?

  22. skaterboii880 Says:

    its the 6th call of duty technically its call of duty 6..people can call it whatever bc everyone knows what theyre talking abt..if i say i have cod 6..everyone would know i was reffering to call of duty modern warefare 2

  23. Pondus551 Says:

    wrote cod6 to get more views ;) i know its cod mw2 ;)

  24. RYAND548 Says:

    ffs its not call of duty 6 ffs its moderen warfare 2 not cod6

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