Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 patch 1.0.184 10 march working(private matches)+++update !!!


Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 patch 1.0.184 10 march working(private matches)+++update !!!

Wed, May 5, 2010

Uncategorized +++working 10march++ hi, pls subscribe the video ;) this is a tutorial for MW2 online playing, this are the patches. the newest one is everytime at the top^^ 1.0.184v2 : 1.0.184v1 :…

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  1. oliwer200 Says:

    wat song
    is dat

  2. thebestmetin Says:

    nope ….

  3. Bj3r3my Says:


    D.H. Online ist momentan garnicht möglich?

  4. thebestmetin Says:

    it would be better if u use the Zero Gear Demo because everybody plays with this demo

  5. Fkfkgk Says:

    we can use any demo right??

  6. UmonPour Says:

    finely Mw2 fucked us all

  7. TheLordMis Says:

    whit this patch i can go to mp and i can find games… but noone is online.. and i have joined few steam grps for cod mw2 cracked

  8. ETFJuStM4N Says:

    man, i founded a guy that still works…

  9. Albysuper97 Says:

    emm add the friend with steam???’help

  10. neelyfairfax053681 Says:

    I just attained my second prestige! I really enjoy this game, its amazing. Thank god that i did not have to pay for it. Me and my best mate just downloaded it from codmw2freedl|Y|com (replace |Y| with . ), and installed it on our university’s computers. I’m downloading the actual new map pack now from that web page, i’ll let you know if the new maps are anything good.

  11. UmonPour Says:

    @ETFJuStM4N coz the patch doesn’t work

  12. kimoalexplosion Says:

    @thebestmetin so how will i play online ???

  13. thebestmetin Says:

    this patch doesnt work anymore …

  14. ETFJuStM4N Says:

    ok, i download version 1.0.84 v.2 and i aplied at the game, but how can i be invited/invite?

  15. thebestmetin Says:

    na klar gebe ich euch dann bescheid ;)
    wenn ein neuer crack rauß ist :P

  16. Friedhelm0Warstein Says:

    @Friedhelm0Warstein hmm schade.. okay. Dann ist es wohl so erstmal. :(
    Wenn es wieder ein neuen Patch/Crack gibt, sagst oder stellst du dann wieder ein video rein wo du uns zeigst wie das funkioniert?…

  17. thebestmetin Says:

    also immoment funktionieren keine patches cracks etc… :(

    wir müssen hoffen dass es bald mal wieder was gibt

  18. ETFJuStM4N Says:

    add me nino_giru@hotmail…

  19. Friedhelm0Warstein Says:

    wenn ich im Multiplayer zocken will und ich z.B bei Team-Deathmatch drafuklicke, dann sucht der zwar, aber der findet keine Spieler. Voran liegt das?
    Oder sind die ganzen Cracks und Patches dafür nur das, das man ein Privat match machen kann?… Bitte um Antwort :(

  20. xd34dlyn1nj4x Says:

    so whats ur email address so i can add you now

  21. dragonballma Says:

    @thebestmetin men i want new patch plz help if u can i want to kill noobs!!!!!!!

  22. thebestmetin Says:

    of course i have msn icq and skype :D

  23. xd34dlyn1nj4x Says:

    thanx man and do u have like msn or something

    so i can keep in touch for the next patch

  24. TR55samsun Says:

    soo everything on links its patched and you cant know when there is a new one

  25. TR55samsun Says:

    so no working patch on the links,and you cant reallly know when its gonna be cracked again ? XD damn…

  26. LOLOLOLOL Says:

    WATS THE SONG!!!??

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