Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough – Act 1: Cliffhanger – Veteran (Part. 1/3)


Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough – Act 1: Cliffhanger – Veteran (Part. 1/3)

Mon, Sep 27, 2010


Hey guys I hope this walkthrough helped you out. This might not be necessary for any difficulty lower than hardened or veteran. But definitely if your doing this mission on veteran, it would be a good idea for you to watch this. There are 3 parts as you know, so be sure to watch all 3. And guys the rest of the mission is not bad. You just kill all the guys behind the wall i showed you, not the vehicles and then you will kill someone off a snowmobile. Once you jack it, just haul ass all the way down and over the cliff. I actually wish I could have gotten the bit of snowmobiling in the video, its ridiculously fun. I just wanted to get this part of the mission, because its very tough but tough in means of just running out and shooting them and getting your ass kicked (speaking if your on veteran). Plus if I added any other parts to the video, I would have got the feeling that it would be too long and at the point of too boring. But this should really help you though, but if you have any questions just send me a personal message, and I’ll be sure to answer it. And the last part is, definitely watch this video if your going to complete the campaign on veteran. It might help to watch it on hardened difficulty but anything lower than that, I’m not sure. Its your choice. Please take 2 seconds of your time by subscribing! Thanks! =)

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  1. Orientalheart1 Says:

    That was helpful,,nice work :) thanks man :)

  2. TheCarlosMenon Says:

    can i do the same with a HD 4770?

  3. asylumddd Says:

    whos playing with the most recent map pack? uh i find it difficult to believe precisely how superior it is! its excessively expensive however so i just downloaded it off mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) last week. i am planning to make use of the cash i saved to get a new mouse

  4. DeedeeVandercooer Says:

    i love the film it was very great. i have wat ched i t a t . .

    watch QJ last QJ movies . cooom ( del e te QJ )

  5. Arifboy163 Says:

    omg Mactavish?? on MW2?!?! lol in MW1 (have it in 360) u play as him but youre a sergeant then! xD

  6. TheSoccerguy247 Says:

    is dat in xbox

  7. ThePsycho1712 Says:

    in the first modern warfare : cpt.price : “riight, what the hell kinda name is soap?” and now hes a captain ^_^

  8. cheaner1 Says:

    @shadow60923 yandtell me why the #### this is a gameplay? i have gameplay videos, so if u r confused check them out

  9. shadow60923 Says:

    Do you even know the difference between a walktrough and a gameplay???

  10. cheaner1 Says:

    really kid? thats so fucking sweet, y dont u spam some more about it you dumb ass.

  11. JoshPerrick Says:

    Ok mate this should be like this don`t want to start flame war or something but some nice stuff was written in a guide at CodCheat(.)com

  12. cyrax2552 Says:

    just beat this game on veteran it was pretty tough but no were near as hard as cod 4 still modern warfare 2 is an awesome game

  13. LaCorvette Says:

    Great video, dude,
    but i would look at the heartbeat sensor more often to avoid bad suprises…
    But anyway great vid…

  14. cheaner1 Says:

    LOL no

  15. horrorofsimpson Says:

    change it to the computer version its better

  16. badblizzard123456 Says:

    i won this with no problem in veteran

  17. ahrimpker5 Says:

    wow ur awesome i tryed this on veteran i died like 82 time luv ur vids!!

  18. cheaner1 Says:

    ya but then u get shot at… and when u play on veteran u just cant run through it

  19. gangsers4ruler Says:

    on the 360 i just run the whole mission untill the snowmobils

  20. nanus9273 Says:

    the ice climbing part is really easy on ps3

  21. cheaner1 Says:

    yes i do, i was being overly cautious so calm ur fuckin tits… but i still got through the mission no problem, so how does this mean i suck at something when I accomplished it

  22. RussJordii Says:

    Jesus, you suck at this. You do realize that you can actually stand without being seen?

    What, did you take 30 minutes in the Pit going prone too?

    And actually the ice climbing part is even easier on the PC.

  23. deathmetalbabe5izzy Says:

    i think you did a good job and i think everyone should shut thier pie hole because everyone has there ways on beating the game…ily! your awesome. =]

  24. cheaner1 Says:

    really? I have a friend who has it on pc, but never saw him do the ice part

  25. warfwre2099 Says:

    the part where u climb ice is hard on pc

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