call of duty 6 mw2 glitch (Episode 1) spots care package glitch and knife glitches


call of duty 6 mw2 glitch (Episode 1) spots care package glitch and knife glitches

Fri, Oct 22, 2010


here you see the beste spots and glitch and dont forget look the others Episode

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  1. TvojaStara1 Says:


  2. sgtApplez Says:

    @SuperGangste I agree man.. MerxMa7V needs to get a life..

  3. SuperGangste Says:

    @MerxMa7V you need a life.. aha i know it’s fake but i did get mad ms points from scamming little whinning bitches like you who need to go and get laid and stop talking about keyvaults you fucking nerd

  4. canan629ANDalfingers Says:

    the song is annoying ~around the world around the world~ wtf??

  5. Haggiharris Says:

    watched all ur vids, decent spots, hoping they work on xbox. well done.

  6. ascriptionuprais Says:

    whos making use of the most recent map pack? uh i find it difficult to believe just how perfect it truly is! its way too costly though and so i just downloaded it on mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) the other week. im planning to make use of the cash i ended up saving to get a different mouse

  7. MerxMa7V Says:

    @SuperGangste then its fake youd know if you had a j-tag you get msp for free you dont even know what a keyvault is dumbfuck

  8. StrongBow875 Says:

    was tht inf care package glitch?

  9. ThEnOrCoBoY082 Says:

    that song is f***ing annoying

  10. jacob6259 Says:

    Very annoying music

  11. singinman52 Says:

    around the world by daft punk. a classic

  12. Mr7Vasty Says:

    hey does anyone have any ms points i can have i wanna get the new maps for call of duty.

  13. mikeotheone Says:

    Music is daft punk :around the world

  14. Vikefan100 Says:

    i got ps3 my name is Mia_sniper but cant go one cuz got yellow light of death :c

  15. uLoveFaCti0n Says:

    WiiMan373, i mean look at that comment he wrote.

  16. uLoveFaCti0n Says:

    Im sure you Did.. I mean with your great grammar, Go back to the 3rd Grade, Learn to spell..

  17. WiiMan373 Says:

    wowfag i foun that one on skidrow i just didn’t put n u tube so it doesn’t ge tpatched or fags steal it

  18. liamhaddon1 Says:

    Can u shankjump

  19. silentstrike10 Says:

    add danmonkey for ps3

  20. okosssb45 Says:

    sorry l have ps3

  21. SuperGangste Says:

    im hosting a tenth prestige lobby. add me if you’re interested. ill accept xbox accounts and microsoft points. gamertag= UVWXYZdonnyyyyy (five y’s)

  22. xpl0ckx Says:


  23. KMRproduction Says:

    very nice 5*

  24. OoDanN3oO Says:

    nice 5*

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