Call of Duty 6 MW2 Glitch: on top of Karachi without elevator __–**NEW**–__ (BETTER QUALITY)


Call of Duty 6 MW2 Glitch: on top of Karachi without elevator __–**NEW**–__ (BETTER QUALITY)

Thu, Dec 16, 2010


A glitch found by me PatrioteQcBen. On top of Karachi without elevator. (BETTER QUALITY)


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  1. TheMrRozum Says:

    nicee .!

  2. CrAZyxViSioNz Says:

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  3. xxkillaxx31 Says:

    Is tht patched cuz wenever i try to jump onto the first windo sill it pushes me back

  4. ShaneStanley109 Says:

    its never been patched 4 xbox360 n ps3 it has never wrked on em both ??? it only works on pc n on the end bit where u jump on that roof haha u went in it ??? on ps3 n abox360 it lets u jump on top of it ??

  5. THEMW2KID2010 Says:

    cool:] show me how to do it .cause it cool add caliche305 and jromero3180

  6. THEMW2KID2010 Says:


  7. arrearmpqjal Says:

    i cant believe how excellent this particular game is.i got the game because of mw2forfreeXinfo (replace X with .) the other day at no cost. i do believe i am not bad but that may be due to the completely new mouse i acquired with the cash I saved.

  8. ashlyndownfallsr Says:

    I really feel the m4a1 is the better weapon in mw2. i genuinely love search and destroy with this weapon. i totally clear your enemy base and blow all of them away while i use this gun! everyone got the new map pack now? it’s fantastic i have only just downloaded it right from mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) yesterday personally

  9. shreddr1231 Says:

    its patched theres a barrier wen you go for the first balcony

  10. zHaRsHxGB Says:

    @0MyAccount Do you see when this video was posted?

  11. doomslayir Says:

    @0MyAccount it was never patched for 360, this glitch only works for pc.

  12. 0MyAccount Says:

    i tried it and it doesnt work so i think its patched on the xbox 360

  13. CoDJtagged Says:

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  14. barto94 Says:

    finally a video with sick puppies music

  15. HeyRockBrandon Says:

    you know the last pole you jumped to. well you dont need to jump to it. i always just jump to the ledge on the second last pole i play on pc btw

  16. pjoernebror Says:


    sick puppies. going down

  17. pjoernebror Says:

    sick puppies – going down

  18. frankan0 Says:

    today i made it !!!!!!!!

  19. TheJakeyboi99 Says:

    its on pc

  20. Farisfart Says:

    whats the name of the song

  21. mikethemagicman24 Says:

    I can’t do this at all lol

  22. LuKaG96 Says:

    whats the name of the song?

  23. Gun007004 Says:


  24. Pr0Get1v3x Says:

    @PatrioteQcBen its on pc ^^

  25. abravefear Says:

    does this work on the xbox

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