Call Of Duty 6 Mw2 Glitches: Sub Base Elevator! *Highest In History*


Call Of Duty 6 Mw2 Glitches: Sub Base Elevator! *Highest In History*

Mon, Feb 14, 2011


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  1. Gamepirate321 Says:

    lol I have a vid tht dosent involve all of tht

  2. WeeJazzah Says:

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    Happy New Year!

  3. armcolfo Says:

    I consider the fal is the better gun in cod5. i simply really enjoy search & destroy with this particular gun. i really take care of the enemy base and then blow all of them right up when i employ this gun! you guys acquired the new map pack now? its top of the class i have barely down loaded it off mw2forfreeYinfo (replace Y with . ) a couple of days ago personally

  4. kickapig10 Says:

    your intro is too long

  5. PSNBigBossOvParr09 Says:

    i was really pissed of when they patched these :(

  6. naqeeb123456789 Says:


  7. GORDYMC89 Says:

    @MrJock0 LOL thats rlly true

  8. MoNeY26MiKe Says:

    @MrJock0 even with a sniper its hard xD

  9. MrJock0 Says:

    if ur up that high and wanted to kill someone u might need a sniper lol

  10. Wc3Daniel1998 Says:

    fuck , i have got pc version…..

  11. xXNoScoperXx2007 Says:

    gd vid

  12. th3w4rr10rk1dz Says:

    same lol

  13. XxSP1TF1RExX Says:

    I hate elevators the only one I can do is on Karachi.

  14. slopy6000 Says:

    nice vid 5 stars, one thing, its so high that it be hard to kill any one :L

  15. WeeJazzah Says:

    @Icesh4nty No you just have to be good at elevators, this is a hard one to do especially for a prone elevator considering they are usually really easy.

  16. WeeJazzah Says:

    @sethboy66 Lol don’t talk rubbish! You can’t get any higher than this as if you look again i elevate up to the sky barrier. The black above my guy, yeah you can’t go any higher than that.

  17. sethboy66 Says:

    this actually isnt the highest one its the second highest only me and my friend know the highest one

  18. Icesh4nty Says:

    you make it look a lot easier that it is. i have trouble doing elevator with that limited of space, somehow u get it just right, is it ur equipment? im impressed.

  19. abdelmoumen111 Says:

    replay i

  20. 4EvaMata Says:

    whats the 2nd song?

  21. dat2719 Says:


  22. laddieola101 Says:

    what about now by daughtry

  23. dat2719 Says:


  24. dat2719 Says:


  25. bladeclanhalo3 Says:

    @yourmamasface1 lol its online sucks =sucky

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