Call of Duty 6 – Secrets Unveiled! New perks, locations, Easter eggs..


Call of Duty 6 – Secrets Unveiled! New perks, locations, Easter eggs..

Sat, Feb 13, 2010


Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty 6) So, I’ve gone through the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer multiple times and here’s what I’ve found within the teaser. 4 new perks, new locations etc. I hope this video makes more sense to those who were confused about the original trailer – what exactly it was about, etc. ;)

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  1. jorge12app Says:

    1 2 3 5 6 7 ok…

  2. ericmanclan Says:

    there are 6 call of duty games fucking dumbass

  3. dunderbot14 Says:

    Modern Warfare 2 has released a new DLC that costs $15. It includes only 5 maps. Two of them are re-made maps of CoD4.
    Infinity Ward is doing this because they think they can get away with it. They think we’ll buy it anyway.
    All we have to do is not buy it until they lower the price. If everyone does this, it’ll be lowered within a month.
    If everyone copy / pastes this comment into related videos; we can show Infinity Ward that they can’t do with us as they please.

  4. tehtotaln0ob Says:

    Rofl person who commented below me is retarded…learn to count and cod4 it says it on the case as mw

  5. sk8rocksick1 Says:

    cal of duty, call of duty 2, call of duty 3, call of duty modern warfare (5), call of duty world at war (6), call of duty modern warfare 2 (7)

  6. littleb0b121307 Says:

    teady bears are on oline gliches in high-rise

  7. MrSkittlless Says:

    Wtf this isn’t cod 7 its the airport mission on mw2

  8. azerithmw2 Says:

    just got the new map pack in a giveaway :)!

  9. greedsin Says:

    your an idiot

  10. MW2Heashotz Says:

    get the new maps (pre-release by infinityward staff):


    easy as mess to install!

  11. MW2Heashotz Says:

    dudezzz just got the new maps (pre-release & leaked):

  12. sk8rocksick1 Says:

    this is actualy call of duty 7

  13. AppIeGirl Says:

    Get â Frèé âpple îpad çheck mý prôfilê

  14. printzdrolet Says:

    I think this is absolutely amazing I play it a lot during the holidays with my mum and dad they are very good at it. I was lucky and found the game absolutely free for my ps3 from: 115 games com there are hundreds best thing about it is they are all free too oh by the way 0:10 – 2:50 was first class

  15. joshp1295 Says:

    the 5th perk might come out in the DLC

  16. MrPeoplesman1234 Says:

    shut the fuck up you tard its cod6 how can it be cod4 mw2 well ya its in the modern warfare series but its cod6

  17. Scotty122896 Says:

    the speech is the terminal mission in singleplayer

  18. GLOBBSTERS Says:

    Im making a demolition team. I need two snipers and two rushers that are really good. I will host try outs today at 6:30 central. Its not GB its just regular public matches. If you are interested or have any questions message me on xbl. GT: crazyamazing1

  19. theCultureShockband Says:

    the fourth picture was the original nuke killstreak emblem

  20. Bogmire711 Says:

    The 4th perk is cancled. 5th one isn’t a perk -_-

  21. mickymw2 Says:


  22. TheKingkyle666 Says:


  23. manurthebest Says:

    i just got a 7 in 1 noob tube OMG it was great:) check it out on my page if u wanna see plus i get a nuke in under 1.30 mins

  24. freakguitarest Says:

    all of you fuckers its Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the last perk is to Tea Bag General Shepard!

  25. barkley800 Says:

    story or online

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