Call of Duty 7 Black Ops – Guns and Teaser Trailer Analysis!


Call of Duty 7 Black Ops – Guns and Teaser Trailer Analysis!

Fri, Jun 4, 2010


1. Edged weapons (Combat knives, bayonet) Randall No. 1 Gerber Mark II M1 bayonet M6 bayonet M7 bayonet KA-BAR (USMC) KCB70 bayonet FNH Browning HP Mk III pistol Smith & Wesson Mark 22 Mod.0 “Hush Puppy” Colt M1911A1 pistol Smith & Wesson Model 15 (USAF M-15) Smith & Wesson Model 12 High Standard HDM Walther PPK with suppressor Ruger MK II with suppressor A US soldier with an M14 watches as supplies are dropped in Vietnam, 1967.M1 Garand limited use M2 Carbine also M1 M14 rifle XM16E1 and M16A1 Early issue M-16 had problems replaced by M16A1. XM177E2 M1A1 Thompson M3 Greasegun Swedish K Smith & Wesson M76 Madsen M/50 MAC-10 UZI (SOG recon teams) L2A1 T223 Ithaca 37 pump-action shotgun Remington 870 pump-action shotgun Remington 11-48 semi-automatic shotgun the Winchester Model 70 was used by US Marine Corps snipersWinchester Model 70 bolt-action sniper rifles – used by US Marine Corps snipers M-40 sniper rifle – used by US Marine Corps snipers M21 Sniper Weapon System (or XM21 in test phase) – an accurized version of M-14 Springfield M1903A4 sniper rifles L2A1AR Full auto machine gun version of the L1A1 SLR used by ANZAC forces Saco Defence M60 GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun), also known as “the pig”. M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle, Caliber .30 known as BAR Browning M1919-A6 medium machine gun n Claymore anti-personnel mine in use in VietnamMark 2 Fragmentation Hand/Rifle Grenade Claymore M18A1 is an anti-personnel mine M61 Fragmentation Hand Grenade WP M34 grenade

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  1. jzrdw Says:

    @klaykill an aug hbar stands for aug Heavy Barreled Assault Rifle. i dunno where you got BAR from

  2. klaykill Says:

    its the AUG BAR not the AUR HBAR

  3. GamerXtremex Says:

    Call Of Duty Black Ops is so much fun I cant seem to get enough of this game. More of you should download it and play with the rest of us. If your wondering how then just check out my video. /watch?v=uRoSwbmNmpY

  4. KEOO8 Says:

    you just give a gun that noone can see or make out a cod 5 and 6 gun

  5. some guy in a tux Says:

    Black ops isnt even out yet though!!! please tell me the adress of the website to download

  6. udickhead Says:

    @claykill ur an idiot know that. how long have u played the game?? 1 day or 2? so first learn the real name of the gun and then u can correct people. do u even know the name of the game??.

    ok any1 knows a website were i can see the pictures of every pack-a-punched weapon or just the picture of a pack-a-punched commando. like the full picture not just first person view??

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