Call of Duty 7, Black Ops, Parody Trailer


Call of Duty 7, Black Ops, Parody Trailer

Sat, Dec 11, 2010


if you watch the rambo pt 2 trailer. it looks very similar to the trailer from black ops. i really dont have any problems with it.


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  1. OMGitsxScOpEyx Says:


  2. Hippoguy123 Says:


  3. TheVilla4eva Says:

    cod 7 suuuuucckkk no good gunz same thing ascod 4,5,6 it sucks

  4. OMGgothable Says:

    Genrl oven should die

  5. RyanKHS06 Says:


  6. o0NikeBauer0o Says:

    I’m going to get you!…. HHHAAAAAaaaaaaa!!!!! :D

  7. gunther457 Says:

    lmao rambo is going to be the new tactical nuke…tactical rambo

  8. kichukdave Says:

    @F1sTDaCuFFs lol, nooobs

  9. IHelpy Says:


  10. janienpurple1 Says:

    @nightmarepein that sounds like farcry predator to me…

  11. starwarsfanforlife Says:


  12. ah0770 Says:

    ahhh the good old days of rambo

  13. jlc2100 Says:

    im coming to get you AHHHH sounds like a stalker

  14. astrophysicalnotari Says:

    I do think the SCARH is the best gun in cod5. i utterly really enjoy search & destroy on this gun. i totally take care of your enemy base and after that blow these folks away when i make use of this gun! you guys have the latest map pack yet? its great ive only just downloaded it right from mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) a couple days ago myself

  15. dean4171 Says:

    sub and check out my new vid and comment

  16. mitslancerevomr2 Says:

    @1zombieXx doesn’t matter since that would be very annoying and camp-inducing and treyarch even said they’re not going to have game-ending killstreaks, it’s ust stupid

  17. 1zombieXx Says:

    they should have a nuke that you some how unlock scence its veitnam AND cold war

  18. lordperf Says:

    oh snap a paradoy trailor go fist

  19. TheShmaa Says:

    arent u on machinima?

  20. TheOneLaughinBehindU Says:

    @ShadowWolfxxi The killstreaks could be interesting there.

  21. drumskater337 Says:


  22. ShadowWolfxxi Says:

    i just had an idea of cod making a medival game where u had bow&arows and swords and axes and stuff lol.

  23. InturnetHaetMachine Says:


    You don’t need to aim when you have the power of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

  24. dzozturk36766 Says:

    I’ve played the brand spanking new maps for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and they are amazingly brilliant. I downloaded the full working installation and the Map Pack from codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ) . Operates with steam properly!

  25. Iceman1540 Says:

    Hutch makes a cameo i this movie, he’s the POW Rambo saves. lol

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