Call of Duty 7, Black Ops Website.. its up. BETA?


Call of Duty 7, Black Ops Website.. its up. BETA?

Sat, May 22, 2010

Uncategorized if you hav’nt signed up do so for the up coming beta if there is one.

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  1. Po1ntblank2019 Says:

    To sign up is it free?

  2. exdav123 Says:

    @BISYP lol he got betrayeeeddd

  3. rrolando42 Says:

    @jayhawkerr38 No duh..

  4. jayhawkerr38 Says:

    is beta free?

  5. BISYP Says:


  6. SQL33nJeCtiOn Says:

    I have been invited to play the beta of Call Of Duty : Black Ops, And am giving away invites for free now.

    Visit: blackopsbeta . com (Remove Spaces)

  7. kratoskillmachine Says:

    What i want in Zombies :6 players online, 4 player split-screen, if you are playing online you should have the features to take a break ( like L4D ), and if you are playing alone, the other zombie characters sould be in the game but controlled by the CPU, and than other players could joind and replace the CPU characters (again just like L4D) PS: sorry for my english

  8. robloxguggi Says:

    Hey umm i just signed up. But everytime i try to sign in it sais “Error please try again”
    What’s wrong?

  9. wwefanworld Says:

    @TheSuperdawg2 Superdawg??? Do u live in Chicago?

  10. bam12383 Says:

    hate when people put long ass comments

  11. TheSuperdawg2 Says:

    For free Microsoft points/live cards codes, visit my channel!

  12. Rct3fan08 Says:

    when will they be taking apps for beta testers? does anyone know?

  13. lapistolaphoto Says:

    The supposed beta download site mentioned by lizardmanstudios a few comments back is a fake. It’s a phishing site with a static screenshot of the Treyarch website with a simple email form under it–which is no doubt meant to get people to enter their info and hit submit. There is no mention of a beta at the official Treyarch site.

  14. IShipleyI Says:

    @ethood1999 Yes it would make perfect sense, seeing how they weren’t going to make another modern style game but seeing how well they did they did it as a spin off therefore not being a main game of the franchise. WaW isn’t CoD5 if it was it would be on the case of the game. Even developers have mentioned that is isn’t CoD5. I will look for the link when I get home tonight, as I am on my way out and I will send it as a reply to you later.

  15. ethood1999 Says:

    @IShipleyI you were right about the gta example, but the cod example is wrong. UE and FH are inbetween 1 and 2, but WaW is 5, MW2 is 6, a BO is 7. It’s obvious because these are full games with fully lengthed campaigns and multiplayers that are very developed. would it make sense for mw2 to be the direct sequel to cod4 but not be consider an aactual main title of the series?

  16. callofdutyBO Says:

    callofdutyblackopsorg – Call of Duty Black Ops News, Media and More!

  17. IShipleyI Says:

    @ProSkilllz No your wrong. Vice City isn’t 4. Vice City and San Andreas were games they put in between 3 and 4 to prolong their franchise. If you look at the Call of Duty series there was CoD1, CoD:UE, CoD:FH, CoD2, CoD2:TBRO, CoD3, CoD:RTV, CoD4, CoD:WaW, CoD:MW2 then next it’s Black Op’s. So as you can see there has always been games between the main ones. To prolong their franchise and to make the most money. The next game or 2 should be CoD:5

  18. jamiejj365 Says:

    LISTEN TO THIS… i was watching this video and i went on my phone with an app which is made for watching trailers and release dates and it also says the casting names and who they play and on the cast was a man called Shaun Paul Piccinino and guess who he is playing….. a zombie!

  19. TheoMW2 Says:

    The creator of Cod 5 will create Cod 7 (as I heard) I hope Cod 7 wont be bad because Cod 5 completly sucks , also , MW2 Pwns , the reason of its haters is the problem that noobs who cant buy a game wont be able to play in private servers. (94%)

  20. lizardmanstudios Says:

    @lizardmanstudios NVM, dont try its bullcrap

  21. lizardmanstudios Says:

    @F1sTDaCuFFs hey – blackopsbetaonlineXcom replace X with . thats wut i seen.

  22. TheCrookedwood Says:

    is it not modern warefare 3 the onion?

  23. maxbreithaupt Says:

    The Steyr AUG prototype was made around the late 70s – Early 80s. Just info… Idk about a time jump, interesting twist though

  24. maxbreithaupt Says:

    Lol cod4 didn’t have a beta… You fail

  25. yumanm6 Says:

    If interested in free live points/Microsoft Points codes click my name!

  26. nick Says:

    it does not matter when the aug was released because its black ops they have all the guns before we even hear about them. they probably had ray guns for all we know. they cant tell us.

  27. Jared Says:

    i really dont get it is black ops going to be modern or like cod5 because they did have a aug on the commercial???

  28. Zac Says:

    Dont go to those websites , they are scams to steal ur money … Ive tried idk 7 surveys and they just keep BRANCHING out and after each one they ask for ur credit card , NEVER put ur credit card on those scams …

  29. Question Says:

    when is it going to release for Malaysia??? i am really into it

  30. xboxmingleswithps3 Says:

    black ops have probably used intergalactic ray laser pea shooters and the public wouldnt know

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