Call of Duty 7 Black ops – Zombies Return! (CoD7)


Call of Duty 7 Black ops – Zombies Return! (CoD7)

Tue, Apr 27, 2010


It is believed that the new game CoD 7 Black ops wil boast a zombies mode in which players fight against zombies. This particular footage comes from Call of Duty 5 which it will be very similar to but we would like to know what you want to be included and improved on in a new zombies mode on Call of Duty 7. Perhaps different difficulty levels should be included and better maps. Write your suggestions in the commnets box below or in the forum at . Also rate, comment, subscribe and visit my channel.

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  1. fourOeightshark Says:

    @Cod7Home hell yea creating our own characters would be the shit

  2. Rahimi001 Says:

    In my opinion, I think there should be a rare power up where all barriers can be locked. I agree with the character creation, too. There should definitely be some of those scary hidden easter egg content.

  3. someguynamedrichard1 Says:

    they should put claymores, or C4. And Call of Duty 7 is Black Ops, then Modern Warfare 3.

  4. AchievementX360Nerds Says:

    @YewTewbPewp good thinking. send that to treyarch

  5. robloxguggi Says:

    @robloxguggi And also in CoD 8 : Black Ops and CoD 9 : Modern warfare 3. There won’t be any zombie survival mode. Reason … TreyArch has the zombies. Infinity ward has Spec Ops. And the new one has to have something original. Get some facts.

  6. robloxguggi Says:

    Umm you’ve got it wrong. It’s …
    CoD 7 : Vietnam ( Treyarch )
    CoD 8 : Black Ops ( Not treyarch or Infinity Ward )
    CoD 9 : Modern Warfare 3 ( Infinity Ward )

  7. ibePerkin Says:

    Im pretty excited for the game. I think a total outdoor map would be cool. Zombies coming out of woods. Also, making the ammo problem in Cod5 zombies would be cool. I know running out of ammo was pretty much the biggest challenge in that game. Once you got good weapons and you were in a good camping spot you were set, unless you ran out of ammo. So they should compromise, get rid of camping spots, add more ammo. It would take more skill… And no glitchers who get to level 2000!

  8. danielkrieger1 Says:

    @YewTewbPewp thats a pretty good idea

  9. Valkyrie7787 Says:

    Idk if ur info. is real but I hope it is.

  10. lordifrit1 Says:

    your to picky for what you ask for you dick head how about we give you a loan and make your own game you dick then you know what hard work really is you unemplyoed benifit noob

  11. BloodofNaziZombie Says:

    @Cod7Home That would be a good idea. In der riese there was a pack a punch. If they do make zombies in cod 7, one map could hold a pack a punch machine. You can create your weapon there. For example, u put a mp 40 in there. U can choose to put an aperature sight on it, or choose to make it strong or something like that. Or even put different gun parts together to make a new gun. That would be intresting.

  12. TAGGARTPSN Says:

    imagine a small GTA style island where players could drop in and out of a game at any time but with a 12 strong team! there could be houses and buildings all over the map that you can fortify, forget the round after round system it gets so fucking boring, there could be a gun shop where you go buy guns,armour and ammo with the points you get for killing the hordes,also an option to trade guns with other players would be a huge advantage

  13. TAGGARTPSN Says:

    if zombies dont return im not going to get the game,also if its that stupid round based system i wont buy it,the potential of the zombie mode is huge,you could have some form of presteige level ups and custom classes to start a match with,in cod 5 all the good guns were in the box and the shit ones on the walls,for custom classes in the new game we could make our classes out of the shit guns as we level up and get the good guns in hard to reach places in more open and unpredictable levels

  14. cod5gta4halo3cod4 Says:

    josh owen (1 of the creaters of nazi zombies) said on his face book that he is in the mood to play some nombies on der riese nombies? could that meen vietnam zombies and everyone knows vietnam is also called nam+zombies nombies

  15. Cod7Home Says:

    @BloodofNaziZombie I think you should be able create and choose your own character.

  16. BloodofNaziZombie Says:

    I think that they should put more diolouge in the game, like talking to eachother. More perks and bigger, more open maps. Maybe like try to get to the main big house, allowing for you to go outside and search for weapons or something. Maybe bring back the zipline and you could attach a maching gun to it. I hope they bring back the zombies.

  17. Cod7Home Says:

    @YewTewbPewp Thats a well good idea. Seriously.

  18. YewTewbPewp Says:

    There should be a powerup that makes the zombies 2times slower. The symbol could be an hourglass.

  19. domintor3 Says:

    official cod7 details will be revealed by treyarch exclusively to playstation magazine on may 17th.

  20. antasaur Says:

    @rocker6424 i think his name was takeo

  21. Cod7Home Says:

    Do you think hey should make them a bit easier to fight against or should there be a difficulty selection before you start he game like easy med hard vet. What do u think?

  22. rocker6424 Says:

    I hope they continue the story of the zombies with richtofen, dempsy, nikolia, and the jap… I forgot the japs name. O and they shouldn’t make the zombies so annoying

  23. welshwizy Says:


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