call of duty 7 vietnam


call of duty 7 vietnam

Sun, Mar 28, 2010


cod 7 guns and song “all along the watchtower by jimi hendrix guns are as follows, BAR, ak47, colt m1911, F1 submachine gun, Fn fal, carbine, m16, m60, Browning m1919, m1 Garand, MAT 49, SW 76-1, Thompson, grease gun sorry i couldnt get the link.


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  1. jonniekees Says:


  2. ninosM1 Says:

    ok siriously how old do you think we are? 5?

  3. HolyCrapItsBigfoot10 Says:


    quit trollin

  4. Firecloud500 Says:

    try Surfin Bird, Wooly Bully, and helter skelter

  5. Chuckpie1 Says:

    Another good Vietnam song is Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival

  6. Caps11wasProduction Says:

    check out my channel i had leaked mw2 stuff now i got leaked cod 7 stuff

  7. Danniel757 Says:

    0:15 wtf?

  8. roadkillmusicgroup Says:

    this is crap, i am un subbing

    this is just music and pictures, not cod. FAIL

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