Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 (2011)


Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 (2011)

Tue, Apr 12, 2011

Call of Duty 8 REAL VIDEO MW3!

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  1. whcaraudio Says:

    do you have brain? or forget to bring it?

  2. TheDannyjak Says:

    people fuck this song lol

  3. bev61896 Says:

    potatoes. should not be used to record video.

  4. MrHeartlesss Says:


  5. xJuMpSHoTxHD Says:

    I would really enjoy this if you didn’t have Wal-Mart quality.

  6. teehee23able Says:

    sier kot choyrt!!!

  7. flamebot12 Says:

    !sdrawkcab dllor’kcir tog tsuj I
    …demahsa os leef I

  8. Luk3Dude18 Says:

    this person was obviously so unimaginably bored he uploaded this video.

  9. xxPORKCHOP85xx Says:

    sounds backmasked

  10. EnvYxGamingChannel Says:

    i like this song:) so i didn’t get rick rolled i just got my boogie on xD

  11. EnvYxGamingChannel Says:

    i lke this song:) so i didn’t get rick rolled i just got my boogie on xD

  12. AdamsSsful Says:

    hahhah fuck you! idiot…………

  13. piranhakillerNr1 Says:

    looks like when you have been bored for a long time… asshole

  14. XxCoDBlackopsxX1 Says:

    Fuck me

  15. thisguy10501 Says:

    I just wasted a whole minute if my fucking life asshole!

  16. icee333 Says:

    MotherFucker die

  17. icee333 Says:

    MotherFucker die

  18. icee333 Says:

    it is suck one, MotherFucker die.

  19. icee333 Says:

    it is suck and one MotherFucker die.

  20. TheMSTKRFT Says:


  21. trainedWWIIsoldier Says:

    you cant rick roll me cause i like this song even before i got shot this song was played every day in iran

  22. smileyguy322 Says:

    You a,hole!!!

  23. NooberShroobumz Says:

    I dont know if this is just me but I think this might be in Spanish O.o

  24. hockeycory12 Says:

    your gonna record the video of rick roll with your shiity camera?

  25. FunkyTomahawk Says:

    ou retatrded and so is your quality

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