Call Of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 Release Date


Call Of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 Release Date

Sat, Apr 30, 2011

Call of Duty 8

No JOKE! Not Rick Rolled.

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  1. ELLIOT1311 Says:

    @elfskater98 your wrong its november 2011

  2. endrikat7 Says:

    It’s the 8th of november!

  3. cp86906 Says:

    Its coming out at November 31, 2011 at midnight.

  4. DarkReflectionOfMe94 Says:

    I’m hoping this time they spend quite a lot of time on perfecting the host system, they already have the mw2 engine to run it on and i guess that could use a little tweaking but i really want them to work on the host system

  5. bj4499 Says:

    hey guys!It’s comming out November 2011

  6. ZAZYAX Says:

    if there is a modern warfare 3 i will rape the shit out of a stray dog

  7. TheMontageKid1 Says:

    Shit quality vid, could have held the camera still!!

  8. killyah4fun Says:

    that’s wikepedia.. that can be bullshiit! :O

  9. Convorse Says:


  10. SuicuneKid Says:

    @elfskater98 no… mw3 is coming out this year…mabye november…

  11. GIGGYSMILER01 Says:

    yeah i think it will come out 11th november 2011 thought i hope its not simalar to mw2, even thought mw2 was sick ass game and i still play it i want it to be not completely different but very different to mw2 otherwise … I THINK they have made a biiiig mistake!

  12. jeffrey625625 Says:

    looks like cod black ops came out instead

  13. GoLDeNSaY Says:

    i just cant believe how COD stays alive… from COD 1 all the way to MODERN WARFARE 3 !!! :D

  14. scottkillsnoobs Says:

    @dxnoob1345 nope g4tv they said infinaty ward said 12/31/2012

  15. TheGarfieldxx30000 Says:

    @elfskater98 Fall 2011.

  16. elfskater98 Says:

    mw3 is coming out in 2012 or 2013

  17. elfskater98 Says:

    @dxnoob1345 playstation is ps3 artard

  18. HASSIDAH Says:

    Holy shit balls!

  19. 200iownurface Says:

    wikipedia is usersubmitted -.-

  20. EntertainmentEC Says:

    @TheGarfieldxx30000 wait WTF DS??????????

  21. Everythingman3 Says:


  22. callofdutyrocks1996 Says:

    @svrvegasblackops — oh cool i didnt know that :D

  23. svrvegasblackops Says:

    @callofdutyrocks1996 it is the most used encyclopedia to date and have bots and even people checking many posts to revert them to normal or correct :)

  24. callofdutyrocks1996 Says:

    first of all this is wikipedia, you got to remember that any body can edit it :)

  25. TRTvxFALLOUTxv Says:

    yes im happy but ell its wikipedia Mw3 cannot be made you have to read the gameinformer issue

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