Call of Duty: Black Ops Billion & EA’s Madden Movie – IGN Daily Fix, 12.21


Call of Duty: Black Ops Billion & EA’s Madden Movie – IGN Daily Fix, 12.21

Sun, May 8, 2011


Black Ops does a billion, DC Universe Online dated, and EA makes a Madden movie, all on today’s Fix! IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos? Sign up


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  1. MrSpiderman14 Says:

    man do people love to hate cod and hate to love it. at least 300k people play it everyday on xbl alone, there is obviously a reason its good cuz a lot of people play it. lets all agree to stop putting up these fake “black ops sucks” statements and actually be truthful by saying “its not that bad” or “i actually like the game”. i’m waiting for everyone who says “i’m done with cod forever” cuz i know they are all going to buy mw3 when it comes out

  2. thasnipa597 Says:

    @Wowzamagoogification Haha wow your acting REALLY childish.

  3. Wowzamagoogification Says:

    @jerricdsantos Black Ops and World at War are the worst Call of Duty games, cause they’re made by Treyarch, Modern Warfare + Modern Warfare 2 are the best COD games.

  4. TheDarkestOne100 Says:

    @jerricdsantos Nope Black Ops sucks

  5. iiTzUrBoYii Says:

    I regret buying the crappy game

  6. hardyman157 Says:

    A lot of blo-ping………..THATS WHAT SHE SAID LOL

  7. IIIMAVER1CK Says:

    @PrinceOF9Imagination FAG

  8. traytage Says:

    Id really like some feedback on my videos, anything would help a rating, comment or subscription! Check out my channel if you want to help me out by watching my black ops commentaries and gameplays please!

  9. jerricdsantos Says:

    @D0OMZDAYZ the reason you hate call of duty is because you suck at playing it

  10. weezmurda Says:

    @D0OMZDAYZ Black ops not garbage oviously millions of people enjoying it

  11. ComedyMasterMind Says:

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  12. D0OMZDAYZ Says:

    black ops does’nt deserve one billion dollars. its absolute garbage

  13. rukia1335isaw3som3 Says:

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  14. AliciaBorror Says:

    get to prestige 15 – check it out:D! callofduty-online-cheats{.)tk

  15. Lostinpanama Says:

    Hey Daemon, You’re not going anywhere cause Jessica stole your shine.

  16. jim1621 Says:

    @Xxsasuke51797xX its not camping in bfbc2 because their usualy snipers and what kinda of sniper in real life runs in and quick scopes. Dam u r such a cod fanboy. The guns feel fake to u because all u do is play cod while if u played both u can see the guns in bfbc2 are more realistic because they make ur charter’s feel more heavy or more lighter depending in the gun and they move more realistic. BO has better recoil on the smgs but other than that they feel like toy guns. PS U Dont run in a bf

  17. jayasby98 Says:

    BLOPS! XD lol

  18. RoscoeDemel Says:

    Wow a new 15th prestige hack was discovered recently!!! I just got a 15th prestige hack for free from BlackOpsMod•tk

  19. NapoleonFacemire Says:

    Sweet, just got a free 15th prestige hack from BlackOpsMod (.) tk

  20. 0biggaj0 Says:

    dude imagine ac movies :)

  21. iBackHandHoz Says:

    @XAnonymousdX Because I rarely read my replies. And I really do fail to see why that would matter. Sounds squirmy to me.

  22. Volume709Returns Says:

    @ImIHxCImI When your mom gets off my dick! So never! BITCH?

  23. ImIHxCImI Says:

    When is Nintendo going to have something newer than 80′s characters and or FF knockoffs?

  24. TheDomStudios Says:

    doh! when i saw black ops billion i thought they sold billion games XD

  25. fireroom666 Says:

    lol they also gonna make one for uncharted

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