Call of Duty: Black Ops – Debut Teaser


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Debut Teaser

Wed, May 5, 2010


Name: Call of Duty: Black Ops Release date: November 9, 2010 Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Publisher(s): Activision Blizzard Developer(s): Treyarch


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  1. FaMeTiiMe Says:

    looks very good i am with josh olin here

  2. Joricky12 Says:

    It ows halo alright
    Bad Company ist just as good

  3. MatthewM4773 Says:

    dude all the people that say mw2 was a fail are dumb like the block who reckons he shoots some1 then in killcam he doesnt shoot tha means u have gay slow peace of shit net mw2 owns badcompany halo and whatever else
    btw black ops looks good (y)

  4. shlogster Says:

    @gobodito its always like that. 2 diff companies make COD. infinity ward made modern warfare 1 and 2(the good ones) and the other company made world at war and this one(the shitty ones)

  5. fraserovgy Says:

    @Jerudadamaja1 lmfao

  6. dapoospot Says:

    man i cant wait ive been waiting forever for a Vietnam call of duty game

  7. Jerudadamaja1 Says:

    i just jizzed my pants

  8. skatercom Says:

    call of duty is gay.

  9. maxrbeasty Says:

    there’ll be like vietcong zombies considering part of the game has missions in Vietnam.

  10. 2346 Says:

    @Kenny0339 well campaigns vary im talking about online mw2 online is horrible i mean sometimes im shooting one guy then 1 second later he starts shooting me then on kill cam doesn’t even show me shooting him

  11. gobodito Says:

    damn in less than one year a new call of duty??

  12. termsofuse4569284 Says:

    I really am spectical after the disaster waw was on multiplayer. This better kick mw’s 2 ass and rape it over and over too make up for that huuuge mistake

  13. MrMm74 Says:

    as long as there is zombies this will >mw2

  14. ali1026917 Says:

    possiblilty there might be nazi zombies cuz its the same company that made world at war.

  15. xXAZN407Xx Says:

    @9697JAY like its cool and al but in school everyone are just in love with the game because its modern and its realistic……………..if you want realistic play the original call of dutys…………………but im really excited for the game thought i am vietnamese my self im from south so im a non-communist………………

  16. Kenny0339 Says:

    @2346 Treyarch are good at telling stories, can’t say the same for infinity ward.

  17. Kenny0339 Says:

    @durkadurka4life I’m sure u mean in terms of multiplayer, right?

  18. durkadurka4life Says:

    i find treyarch worse then infinity ward though
    so this may be disappointing for me

  19. 2346 Says:

    i hope this won’t be as garbage as mw2 was

  20. Mintkid60 Says:

    @fatboyponger maybe zombies but not nazi lol maqybe iraqui zombies if that how u spell it

  21. nykid805 Says:

    @cobratech47 no if u look at all the cod games ul realize they switch between treyarch and infinityward after every game

  22. skierdude95 Says:

    @xxddsw22345xx so true

  23. pacoloco619 Says:

    Probably this game is not gonna work :S

  24. xxddsw22345xx Says:

    @rico360 so true dude there are so many people hating cod5 i mean come on its a great game its world war 2 what do you expect

  25. 101stdevildogs Says:

    it takes place in veitnam right lol

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