Call of Duty: Black Ops – Frag Master Achievement Guide


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Frag Master Achievement Guide

Sun, Mar 27, 2011


Kerry and Geoff show you how to get the Frag Master Achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


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  1. TheNeutralizor Says:


  2. assassinmuse1 Says:

    wat dificulty did you pass it on?

  3. dudesterism Says:

    does this trophy work in multiplayer?

  4. chandragriev Says:


  5. theresiabeda Says:


  6. nelago Says:

    @mahatach because you have to turn them on in the options menu

  7. murneynunery Says:


  8. D3spairFacTor90 Says:

    I tried this and its a one shot deal, if you dont kill 5 you have to start the entire mission over. If you try to kill yourself it will reload it after their all dead….damn!

  9. MrCapnRusty Says:

    call of duty black ops yeah

  10. MrCapnRusty Says:

    call of duty black ops tyeah

  11. 700porker Says:

    @dograbbitbeaver Great, just Great! :D

  12. andrelinko Says:


  13. MargaitisraHiramsh6 Says:


  14. dograbbitbeaver Says:

    @700porker wow, how do you feel?

  15. paavya Says:

    @mahatach you hav to enable it on the options menu

  16. titusdiitt Says:


  17. WhatACrazyWTFMoment Says:

    you are a great asshole xD

  18. longliverock1996 Says:

    @WesLevraw your a tool

  19. B1GGYB Says:

    took me a while to get it for some reason, quite fustraiting but its all good ” wink “

  20. mahatach Says:

    how comes my campaign doesnt have the subtitles?

  21. 123stepper Says:

    I just threw a random grenade and got it.

  22. Ubanary Says:

    @AxelChrist66 good thing they didnt

  23. Ubanary Says:

    @AxelChrist66 good thing they did

  24. GeneralG1810 Says:

    My absolute favourite achievement in this game has got to be “I hate monkeys”

  25. XxRavenSniperxX Says:

    Lol, “Go video games,” GOOD ONE!!!

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