Call of duty Black Ops Gunship gameplay


Call of duty Black Ops Gunship gameplay

Fri, Nov 12, 2010


Call of Duty Black Ops Gunship Gameplay from

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  1. MrMetalManiAK Says:

    1:57 cool

  2. AvengedZeppelin20 Says:

    Well done you deserve a medal…
    Only messin but seriously they only update views every few hours so hundreds of people wer “the 158,888 viewer”

  3. simonjosi Says:

    158888 viewer XD

  4. vincetheprince899 Says:

    @MrBIGBIKE001 you know that the game is new reight ? cuse you got to learn how to fly or get jused to fly

  5. blooroo22 Says:

    @browniebob yes

  6. blooroo22 Says:

    @LesserDemon7 yes

  7. blooroo22 Says:

    @cakbaldwin lol dolphin diving is soooo annoying.

  8. cakbaldwin Says:

    I can’t stand it when people jump up and then lay down. Brings back memories of the original battlefield.

  9. MrBIGBIKE001 Says:

    u cant fly u fuckin suck

  10. davidJWN Says:

    spawn killing is gonna be so easy lol

  11. LesserDemon7 Says:

    i know u control where it goes, but do u shoot it?

  12. ECWCrazyBoy Says:

    @InglewoodCali310 He’s not the one playing and everyone playing Black Ops is a Noob right now you dipshit…

  13. DrumDeMan Says:

    @bignoob10 HEll yah

  14. Darkchief231 Says:

    @playawieugur The famas.

  15. browniebob Says:

    omg! this thing looks beast! do you fly it yourself?

  16. Uncknow1 Says:

    good one man

  17. InglewoodCali310 Says:

    ur a fucken NOOB

  18. beaupivot Says:

    shoulda went to theater mode and show us that grenade kill following the GRENADASSSS!!! boom

  19. LEProductionsINC Says:

    You do know… The left trigger fires missiles….

  20. playawieugur Says:

    Whats the name of this gun ( 1:40)

  21. Chickenslime Says:

    do you get to control the flying of the gunship

  22. Sniper43210 Says:

    Dude this guys a proski

  23. matt241198 Says:

    Plz give more gun ship footage and new guns

  24. matt241198 Says:

    o my god I wish people would download black ops footage like that

  25. dcking101 Says:

    @dcking101 dual wield srry

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